The Killeen Police Department announced the arrest of 10 people on prostitution charges as part of an undercover operation.

Detectives with the Killeen Police Department Organized Crime Unit conducted the operation on June 15 in response to criminal activity that was being monitored by detectives, according to a KPD press release. The department also received complaints from residents who observed the criminal activity.

The operation targeted “Johns” in contrast to a previous sting conducted on May 19 that targeted prostitutes themselves. During that operation, detectives arrested seven people in connection with prostitution-related offenses and three on drug charges.

Detectives are conducting additional follow-up investigations, the release said.

Those arrested were:

Julio Cesar Hernan, 22

Stanley Robert Evans Jr., 36

Kameron Deoni Robinson, 36

Conrad Jerome Roges, 32

Bob Allen Foster, 54

Jonathan Gabriel Kiprotichngeny, 21

Andrew Gabriel Reyes, 21

Juan Marcos Gonzalez, 32

Ronald Eugene Henderson, 68

A woman was also arrested during the operation but the Killeen Daily Herald could not verify the charge.

The nine arrested all inquired about sex through the website, according to the complaint. The arrests were made at the Courtyard Marriott hotel in the 1700 block of East Central Texas Expressway.

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@Alvin Your right! Truth is a lot of these pimps are hiding is interest groups, they control from above in this area. The only way to get to it is, getting someone in that is going to scream and shout it from the top of HER lungs. Someone whos balls were to big for her pants so God put them on her chest. Some one that is not afraid to go after the gangs, someone strong enough and woman enough to stand up. MRS.TEEL! to bad to many news outlets were paid to only report on certain candidates. Flem Flam Fleming and her lies, her cheating and much much more will be the death of Dist 1. WORD


This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@centexdave: I'm afraid I have to agree with you. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the DPEDOCU to go after a bunch of prostitutes and their johns when the streets are still becoming overrun with say gang units. I read just the other day that this country is becoming overrun with a large gang from Mexico and it's young people who are infiltrating (illegally operating) right here in the U.S.
But I guess it's always easier to go after something that is pretty well 'out in the open'. Why don't you go after the pimps instead of prostitutes and their johns. Arrest them and give them stiff sentences, say a minimum of 10 years for the first offense, 25 years for the 2nd offense, and if they are arrested a 3rd time, just shoot them as being undesirable.
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Great job, KPD. Guess it's easier to go out and arrest ten horny dudes in a sting than it is to try and solve ten murders. Of course this will help decrease the "crime rate" and maybe now the Limitless City will fall to 10th in the crime cesspool rankings.

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