Two people were arrested on robbery charges in Killeen after they set up the victim through an internet dating website, police said.

Killeen police received a 911 call in reference to an robbery of an individual on Wednesday night at the Econo Lodge at 606 E. Central Texas Expressway. When police arrived, they met with the victim who indicated that he had arranged a meeting with a woman through an online dating website. He reported that upon entering the woman’s motel room, he was confronted by a black man armed with a handgun and robbed at gunpoint.

Officers and detectives found the suspects in the motel room, and arrested them.

Carletra Agnie Suggs, 18, and Dwayne Preston Williams, 22, both of Killeen, were subsequently arrested and taken to the Killeen City Jail. Both were charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke arraigned both suspects and set their bond at $100,000 each.

The Killeen Police Department offered these tips regarding meeting strangers for sales and dating:

1. Trust your instincts. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

2. In the case of sales, don't go alone.

3. Insist on meeting at a public place such as the KPD Safe Exchange Zone.

4. Do not meet in a secluded area.

5. Do not invite strangers into your home, and do not go to theirs.

6. Be cautious when buying/selling high value items.

7. Perform the transaction during daylight hours.

8. Tell a friend or family member about your intentions and where you will be.

9. Take your mobile phone with you.

This warning is not necessarily directed at legitimate dating websites, although common sense and caution should always be exercised when meeting a stranger for the first time, according to KPD. | 254-501-7468

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First let me say this, all these tips are great if your buying an object. Please remember them.
So now lets actually give you all the correct tips.
1. When buying company, firstly make sure you do yourself favor and eith go though a repeatable company that offers woman's. Yes they have escorts that will fly all over the USA from Vegas and other areas. These places have been around in business forever.
2. If your picking up street walkers, do yourself a favor, bring a condom, just enough cash no more then the going price, Killeen hookers only get about 50 bucks for a trip around the world and about 10 dollars quicky. Personally if your buying comapanionship off the streets here in Killeen remember that those girls are not professional escorts and usually are drug addicts being pimped out by the Bloods and Crips and other gangs in the area. They also have a pimp close by that will roll you in a heart beat if she lets them know you have a wad of cash.
3. If your get a girl from an online site in this area, these girls are also being pimped out by the bloods, and crips as well and remember all that money flows upwards to the cartel, then makes its way to Mexico and other places, and then the money is used to buy guns and to kill people, and some of those guns end up in the hands of people like ISIS, and that 50 bucks you just spent could have been used to buy the weapons and bullet that kills one of our own soldiers.

To the working girls.
1 Never ever go near the highway, this is the quickest way to disappear. Just remember they smuggle out just as many working girls as they do into our state. You do not want to end up in a Mexican brothel or any of them over seas.
2. If you reply to any ads looking for girls to work outside of the country, well its a scam. They bring you to them and then take your passport. Oh that's right they do that here as well. Remember there is a great big demand for American woman. Blond and Blues eyes well ladies you are the trifecta in the trafficking world.
4. Make sure you let some you know where you are and where your going, even if its a useless pimp. Remember you earned the money you did all the work, so be safe and most of all stop handing them your money, you don't need them. If your going to work the streets or work in the business do it on your own, or go to vegas. Many good woman there that will keep you safe.
5. Please get tested at lest every 6 mos. Aids is not fun. I get it and I understand, you have to feed yourself and feed your kids in a town with no jobs and a school system that values sports over an education.

I will not forget the woman or men that have found themselves doing what they feel they have to, survive
For those that think its their own fault, just rember when a mother that loves her kids can no long stand not putting food on their kids table, or their kid is being picked on because he or she cant afford things. Yeah a mothers instinct kicks in and God bless her, for she will be the first inline at the gates into heaven.

To all those that think this isn't a gang related crime, or that gangs don't do human trafficking. God has a special little place in abandon for you , and I will bring the marshmallows and watch.
#recallFleming Recall Fleming, will start first thing in the morning. So any and all in Dist 1 ready for a recall because your sick of the crime and the lies. Get ready we will be meeting openly locally this week. Dates and times will be posted, along with contact info.
Its time to take Dist 1 back and turn it great again! God and America will win in the end.

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