Police tape

Police tape is seen at the intersection of Janis and Buckley drives in Killeen in June 2016.

The Justice Department will assist the Killeen Police Department in its effort to reduce crime, according to a news release from KPD spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez.

The collaboration with the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs will create a crime reduction strategy by examining the city’s crime environment, evaluating response methods and developing proactive approaches to achieve results.

“Bringing in experts from outside our organization will provide a fresh perspective and new ideas for combating crime in Killeen, police Chief Charles “Chuck” Kimble said.

Killeen police chief

Killeen police Chief Charles Kimble speaks Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, during a meet-and-greet event, sponsored by the Killeen Police Department Law Enforcement Assistance Fund, at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

“OJP has developed successful solutions in other communities, and I believe they will deliver the same in our city.”

The OJP diagnostic center uses a data-driven approach to diagnosing crime and its root causes, according to the release.

The DOJ has assisted in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where Kimble was the assistant police chief for five years.

It has also helped the Dallas Police Department.

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This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@eyewatchingu: As you say, facts are indeed facts. Please take a look at the story under Letters to the editor' entitled 'Reader says KISD needs to focus on education, not new facilities'. Should be interesting reading and this is not the bottom of it.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


@Alvin and other's. Did you all notice the re-write of the story. The rewording of the story. What they fail to say is that the DOJ went into the Dallas PD because it was at the request of the citizens, It was also because of the NAACP/BLM.
The rewording is a attempt to make the citizens believe that this was a volunteer act on the cities part.

This is what the NAACP/BLM has done to cities PDs to gain control and to hold the city hostage.
This is a investigation, for the doj to obtain what is wrong with he PD, they have to investigate. You can not come up with a plan only you investigate what is wrong, then the solution can come forward.

Also I have the feeling the rewrite is due to a man from California that is a major contributor to Fleming and other democratic parties in the state of TX. To push his own agenda.

Facts are facts, the doj is investigating and them bring out this FAKE cop to push a lie is sick and proves once again how far this crooked bunch of Killeen leaders will go to hide their crimes. Once I again I like you Alvin hope they will investigate all including city council members, the local NAACP, Democrat party, and any of those that have help with tossing of paper work, misuse of city credit cards on down. It is time the city, state and USA know, that you can not break the law when it comes down to the tax payers money, life property and so. Something to remind these so called kings and queens that America is not ruled by corruption and that they are not Gods.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@eyewatchingu: Good article and whether or not they 'partner, stand side by side, or in any other way that will be of benefit to this city, I certainly hope they 'invest time to study this city administration, to visit what went on in our defunct city audit and the fact that I don't feel there has been enough time spent visiting just what materialized with the destruction of possibly paperwork that could have led to serious crimes, but we will never know now, and for this we laid out $394,000 dollars.

Now the matter of city council not knowing what is going on in this city, and the fact that the KEDC has authority to commit this city to contractual obligations, all with the full authority of this city apparently without the knowledge of the entire membership of this or future council and city manager consent. This, in my personal opinion should not be allowed.

The membership of this council on the Board of Directors should not be allowed. It is my personal opinion that there should be absolutely no involvement of any member of the council, mayor, or any city administration, leave it as a totally separate entity, and should be operated on it's own foundation. Absolutely no city funds should be administered to the KEDC organization as this is a profit making administration. There should be absolutely no involvement as to giving quarter to any organization to fulfill any obligation of the city of Killeen.

These are some of the points that should be looked at in the course of the DOJ looking into the practices of this city's administration practices.

In certain quarters there has been a tendency to 'give not so much citizenry involvement, rather they just go about the city business in a more or less unobservant manor that does not meet with the expectations of the majority of the citizens as observed in this city's news paper. This city does not use a form of transparency as is observed in normal parameters of city government.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


First let me say, police departments do not partner with the DOJ, the DOJ is here to investigate, and correct a problem. I really wish KDHNEWS or the writers themselves would look up facts.
“The police departments that we go into, small or big, are ones where there have been findings of pretty significant systemic pattern-or-practice constitutional violations,” Gupta said. “Whether they’re the worst, I don’t know. Whether they are in crisis, yes.”

The question is whether such interventions work. The Justice Department has not studied the long-term outcomes at the law enforcement agencies it has targeted.

To examine the impact, reporters surveyed the departments, visiting four cities. They interviewed officials, federal monitors and civil rights advocates. They also reviewed use-of-force data, monitoring reports and local budgets.
The reforms have led to modernized policies, new equipment and better training, police chiefs, city leaders, activists and Justice officials agree.
But measured by incidents of use of force, one of Justice’s primary metrics, the outcomes are mixed. In five of the 10 police departments for which sufficient data was provided, use of force by officers increased during and after the agreements. In five others, it stayed the same or declined.
None of the departments completed reforms by the targeted dates, the review found. In most, the interventions have dragged years beyond original projections, driving up costs. In 13 of the police departments for which budget data was available, costs are expected to surpass $600 million, expenses largely passed on to local taxpayers.
Officer morale in some of the departments plummeted during the interventions, according to interviews. Collectively, the departments have cycled through 52 police chiefs as the agencies tried to meet federal demands. Some departments have struggled to sustain reforms once oversight ended, and in some cities, police relations with residents remain strained.

Twenty-six investigations — a little more than half of them since President Obama took office — have led to the most rigorous outcome: binding agreements tracked by monitors. More than half were consent decrees, meaning they were approved and managed in federal court.
Of the 26, Justice found patterns of excessive force in 16 of its investigations. The other 10 were investigations that found abuses including uninvestigated sexual assaults and racial profiling. Oversight continues until the monitor concludes that local police have completed or complied with most reforms

I even choose to get the info from a snowflake newspaper : http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigative/2015/11/13/forced-reforms-mixed-results/?utm_term=.fb2a191009a7

God Bless and Merry Christmas to a Wonderful President and First Lady Trump!

Merry Christmas to all the good Christians and a most wonderful and Happy Yule to those like me that have chosen to keep watching the YULE log burn and dancing around the Yule Tree.

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