The Killeen Police Department is warning residents to use caution when opening packages delivered to their homes.

The warning comes after two separate package bombs were detonated in Austin, 65 miles away, on Monday. The explosions came from packages left on residents' front door steps, and killed a 17-year-old while injuring a 40-year-old woman and a 75-year-old woman. 

Investigators are looking into whether race is a factor in the attacks, as all three people targeted were minorities: the first two black and the most recent, Hispanic. They are also connection it to a March 2 attack that killed a 39-year-old black man.

The past two attacks came during a time where hundreds of thousands of people are attending South by Southwest, a music, technology and arts festival held in Austin that draws visitors to the state capitol every year.

"With the recent explosive incidents in the Austin area related to suspicious packages, (KPD) wants the community to know that there is no known threat to Killeen," spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said in a news release. "However, residents should always use caution and inspect all packages delivered to your home or workplace."

KPD recommend residents to sign up for a notification service, such as an email or text notification, that will alert you when a package your ordered is delivered.

Residents should also make sure that all packages appear ordinary. If there is an unfamiliar return address, no evidence that someone like FedEx, UPS or the United States Postal Service delivered the package or appears suspicious in any way, call the police office, Miramontez said.

"The department takes these types of incidents very seriously, and the safety of our community is (KPD's) number one priority," she said in the release.

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