BELTON — Two Killeen Independent School District teachers were among 10 men arrested and charged during a Nov. 8 Bell County prostitution sting.

No longer employed with the Killeen ISD after their arrests are Aaron Justin Daub, 40, of Killeen, who taught at the Career Center and also at Killeen and Harker Heights high schools; and Terrance Hockless, 23, of Killeen, who was a first-year elementary music teacher at Bellaire Elementary School, a district human resources representative said Tuesday. The two teachers resigned before they were fired.

Daub is still currently employed with Central Texas College, where he began his employment on Jan. 11, 2010, Gila Pinto, a Central Texas College human resource employee said Tuesday in an email. Pinto said she could not say what he does at the college without a release of information signed by Daub.

Bell County Sheriff’s Department partnered with Travis County and the Harker Heights Police Department in this current operation, held to crack down on sex trafficking in the county, Sheriff Eddy Lange said at a Tuesday morning news conference.

“They were seeking love in all the wrong places, and you never know what could be behind closed doors,” Lange said.

Also arrested were Michael Robinson, 54, of Salado; Glenn Ulyses Cunniff, 55, of Belton; Edward Gerald Kittle Sr., 46, of Copperas Cove; Thamus Lamont Dyches, 40, of Copperas Cove; Brycon Azule Vargas, 21, of Georgetown; Steven Gary Yale, 64, of Killeen; Anthony Thomas, 28, of Killeen; and Daniel Alejandro Velarde, 33, of Harker Heights.

Yale was released on parole in April after he served about 32 years of the 45 years he was sentenced to on narcotics charges, Bell County Special Crime Unit Lt. Michele Cianci said.

All of those arrested and charged with prostitution already posted bonds and were released from the Bell County Jail, Lange said.

The bonds ranged from $1,500 to $2,500, Bell County Deputy Chief Chuck Cox said Tuesday.

The 10 arrests happened during a five-hour period at a Harker Heights hotel, Maj. T.J. Cruz said. All of the contacts and arrangements were made through text messages.

Bell County has made a concerted effort during the last six months to stem human sex trafficking or at least put a dent in it, Lange said.

Bell County law enforcement agencies had their “heads in the sand” for a long time and said there was no sex trafficking, but it has always been a Bell County issue, Lange said. The last few years, with the help of the media, has helped move the sex trafficking issue to the forefront and made agencies become more active.

“If we save just one victim, we’re doing our job,” Lange said.

He hopes the day will come when they conduct a sting and no one is arrested and that the entire Interstate 35 corridor from San Antonio to Dallas becomes so “hot” for sex traffickers that they have to take it elsewhere, Lange said.

Lange reported that a southern county wants to conduct a sting with Bell County, too.

The Nov. 8 operation was the third for Bell County. One sting in September netted 20 arrests, and 13 of the men were active duty soldiers who ranked from private to major. The operation was based on online ads and was conducted in Salado and Killeen hotels.

None of those arrested in the current sting were members of the military, Lange said.

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The pursuit of sex has cost millions of people money, fame, status, jobs, property, and some their lives.


I do not understand why prostitution has not been made legal yet. Make it a legit business where they pay taxes and the ladies have to have a certificate of health .... all is good. It is ridiculous to arrest someone for paying to get what he wants in the department of pleasure.
In Europe prostitution has been legal for a long long time and no one seems to get their knickers in a bunch over it. It is time not to worry about prostitution and focus on more pressing crimes that happen every day.


If it is wrong for a man to pay for a willing female to have sex based upon the law that deems it immoral, then, why isn't homosexuality and lesbianism a crime? I'm just saying. In early America, the effort was to curb disease, but today? The teachers in the article did not march in a parade like gays and say they are proud of their immorality, The did it in the dark, discreetly. shouldn't their personal lives and choices of satisfaction be private? It looks that if a man is entrapped by the prospect of a nice looking juicy, should have nothing to do with his job. To cause a man to lose his career and lively-hood because needed a little chon-chon should be no ones business. However, if it is because the law leans to the act as immoral, than what are they basing it off of? The Bible? If so, homosexuals,lesbians and other immoral descriptions in the bible should be adhered to. I'm just saying.

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