Killeen police on Tuesday identified the man who killed one officer and wounded another during a SWAT standoff late Saturday night as 24-year-old Fort Hood soldier Pfc. Dustin Billy Cole.

Cole died during a shootout that resulted in the death of four-year Killeen Police Department veteran Robert “Bobby” Hornsby, 32.

Another officer, 33-year-old Juan E. Obregon Jr., suffered a wound to the leg and is recovering from surgery.

Cole was a Talihina, Okla., native, according to Fort Hood records. He enlisted in October 2008 after graduating from Talihina High School and entered active-duty service as a combat engineer.

He was assigned to 584th Mobility Augmentation Company, 20th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, in February 2009, a news release from Fort Hood stated.

Cole deployed to Afghanistan twice, returning from his most recent deployment in February.

His assignment consisted of basic demolition work and constructing roadways and bridges in order to allow for the movement of forces.

According to police, Cole fired a semi-automatic AK-47 at SWAT officers just around midnight Saturday at his home located in the Grandon Manor apartment complex in the 1600 block of Grandon Drive.

A gunbattle erupted after residents notified authorities Cole threatened several people near a pool in the complex. According to police, Cole fired one shot at officers, then appeared to be about to surrender.

However, he armed himself with the assault rifle and began opening fire. The ensuing exchange of fire left the private first class dead along with Hornsby.

Photos from Cole’s Facebook profile show the soldier had a fondness for guns. Several photos posted to the site show him armed with assault rifles, shotguns and military grade weapons.

He posted a photo to the website Thursday and left a final written message July 10.

“So they say the sky’s the limit, but whoever said you had to listen? I shot for the stars and my bullet went so far that it wrapped around the universe and came back to me!” it stated. “Then it said ‘what’s next boss’ and I simply replied ‘job well done, go home for the day an I will see you tomorrow when we take over the world’!!!”

Neighbors said Cole had been drinking the night of the shooting. But many remain perplexed over the violent death of their neighbor, who they knew as a warm, friendly person.

“I feel like there was something here that triggered what happened,” said Cole’s next door neighbor, Tenesha Dixon, pointing toward her head. “I’ve never seen him in a violent manner with anyone.”

Services for officer

Hornsby’s death marked the first Killeen police officer killed in the line of duty in more than 95 years.

The department has organized large services for the officer, including a public viewing today at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

Hornsby’s funeral will take place Thursday at 10 a.m. at the conference center. He will then be buried at Killeen City Cemetery.

To mark the somber occasion, a group is flying the same U.S. flag that flew over Ground Zero after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to Killeen.

The U.S. Honor Flag will arrive in town today after honoring the 19 firefighters who died while fighting a wildfire in Arizona.

Donation information

A donation website for the family of slain Killeen police officer and Temple High School graduate Robert Hornsby was set up at

A local bank account was set up at Extraco Banks, Benefit for Robert Hornsby, account number 20396883.

Checks may be mailed to: Extraco Banks, Attn.: Benefit of Robert Hornsby, P.O. Box 2330, Harker Heights, TX 76548

Contact Philip Jankowski at or (254) 501-7553. Follow him on Twitter at KDHcrime.

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I am very discouraged at what some of you people have had to say. Dustin was an amazing person. Whether you choose to believe who he really was that's your problem. But in my opinion. I cared so much for this soldier. Why? Some of you may ask. Cause I dated him in his last weeks of life. I had never met a man so strong who loved life and his family and friends more then anything. Who never said one disrespectful word to anyone! Never met a stranger and always carried a smile on his face that lite up a dull room regardless of what problems he had. He was also a human being with a family just like officer. Many people so quick to judge with out thinking of his families feelings. I do feel for the fallen officers family. Just some need to have some consideration for Dustin family and friends. Though my days were short with him. He made them the happiest and I am forever grateful to him for our memories we shared. The fallen officer is in his families hearts forever. And You are forever in our hearts Dustin Billy Cole..

Dr Strangelove

You people that tell me I have no idea well neither do you. Their is no excuse for this drunk to kill a police officer. I go by facts not emotion; he was drunk with guns and murdered a law enforcement officer. This sorry excuse for a soldier IS NOT THE VICTIM HERE!!! Now go buy a hoodie and cry.


Just want to start off by saying I am a police officer and I pray for the comfort of my fallen brother from KPD. Thats the worst thing that could happen on a shift. Such a tragedy. Now i also grew up with Dustin. Dustin and my brother were in the same class. To me Dustin was a great guy and a great friend. He was always laughing and smiling. I cant even remember a time when i didnt see a smile on his face. He just made a big mistake that day. Just like i tell people that i put in jail. Just because you've done one bad thing doesnt make you a bad person. I pray for both the families. God Bless


[sad] I think its messed up that everyone is quick to judge some one they don't know. Even if you do know him from work, you weren't a friend, so you don't know what he was going through. <-- SPC Cole.
I think its also very sad that they both lost their lives due to this.
RESPECT to Officer Hornsby. And R.I.P. to both.
Only God can judge, who cares who or what you are or used to be.

Dr Strangelove

Oh please with the soldier with issues. PFC 5 years tells me a lot. He was a drunk with a gun and murdered a police officer; I don’t feel sorry for this idiot. I’m getting tired when some G.I. gets in trouble claiming or others claiming they’re a victim with PTSD! I’m retired military and I know better to drink and play with guns.


you really have no idea what the facts are, and stabbing Soldiers in the back, after they're dead, really isn't acceptable.


Agreed ...dont know all the facts behind what motivated this individual ...being a PFC for 5 years can assume a whole gamut of reasons explaining why that is the case..always two sides to a coin. Regardless, a senseless tragedy


Dr. just a question when did you retire please? How long did you know this young man it must have been awhile for you to call him a drunk. And judge him so hard.
Maybe you should have done something about it or a person or leader or commander then perhaps this would never have happened. Just a comment from an old soldier.




What a tragedy.

An "Assault rifle" is a rifle that has the capability to fire automatically. The author correctly identifies the rifle here in the story as a semi-auto rifle-meaning it is NOT an "assault rifle", and then deliberately uses the term "assault rifle" repeatedly in the story, perhaps for dramatic effect. We would prefer the truth, vice your anti-military and anti-gun agenda.


HAHA! WOW! I hope you don't own an assault rifle yourself otherwise you're probably too stupid to operate it by the look of your recent posts. Let me school you (11 years and counting in the USA) old man since you obviously don't own a dictionary or know anything about weapons.

Assault Rifle: Is a selective fire (selective between automatic, semi-automatic, and burst fire) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.

Therefore, our AR-15s, M-16's, M-4's, etc. are considered assault rifles. Any questions?


I'm assuming you're not addressing me; but I have reported your abusive posting anyway.

As a retired Army NCO, and an NRA member of 20 years, with a Life Membership of 5 years, and being a licensed Texas CHL holder, and a former Basic Training Drill Sergeant, I come here to teach.

So let me school you, Skippy.

You just posted that which I have been writing about, to wit: M16 variants used by our military are assault rifles. Accordingly, AR-15 rifles, which are not capable of automatic fire, ARE NOT ASSAULT RIFLES. And yes, I own one, and I know how to use it very well, thank you, and I can arrange a demo if you wish. Further, a semi-auto AK-47 variant is NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE, as I have repeatedly and accurately stated here.

Any questions, Stupid?

Class Dismissed.


I certainly hope that after 11 years in the USA, you are not in a leadership position. This would alarm me greatly. Have a nice day, Skippy.


Its 4am. Its raining...Killeen is crying...Texas is crying...Thats what Ive been telling myself all week. Thats what I said as I escorted a Killeen Police Officer from the Mortuary. I said it again when I got to the funeral home and saw most of the Police Dept standing in the rain waiting for our fallen brother....Its working for now I guess.

In about 24hrs from now I get to observe a classmate and friend be buried into the ground. Tough week to say the least. Ive been to enough Police funerals in the past 4 years for a career. Trust me. That is, until I open up your newspaper and find something so irresponsible, so ridiculous, so damaging as I did an hour ago when I had a paper thrown at me from a car window.

I understand the need to inform the public of all the facts surrounding a case. People want to know. People need to know. The picture that was posted on page A8 is what I speak of.

A picture of a "Cop Killer" holding a rifle with a caption stating he had "a fondness for guns".

Seriously...are you kidding me? Am i imagining this? Am I dreaming this? I got a City of Police Officers, Dedicated Servants if you will, HURTING right now. Broken, over the loss of a Killeen Police Officer. A human being, a husband, father, brother. Mourning the loss of one of the greatest human beings I have ever met, and Im not just saying that!

You have the nerve to memorialize this person in your paper knowing family may see it, knowing these amazing Officers may see it, knowing the world may see it.

I understand this person had a family, and for them, I am sorry they must endure the loss of a loved one. I feel for them and their loss. The FACT remains this man killed a Police Officer in the City in which you publish this very paper.

Ill even go a step further. This person was suffering from an obvious mental issue or temporary insanity which led to the events. I believe God is watching and will handle the issue. Enough said. Who am I to judge another.

Officers will read this paper tomorrow and have to see a picture of a Cop Killer holding a rifle smiling. Family will see this tomorrow as they begin final preperations to bury a hero. Even if they dont read your paper, it will be somewhere, lying on the ground, blowing in the wind, who knows. It'll be seen. Now we all know...It isnt what it is, its what it looks like. To a reasonable and prudent person it appears this person is leaving one last "F$$$ You" on his way out. Thanks to KDH!!! You facilitated that. Yup, KDH, you let that happen.

I hope your happy "Editors". I hope you sleep well at night you knowing this will hurt and/or destroy the very Officers who are sworn to protect you by your irresponsiblity. As much as a normal person dealing with pain and loss would, Im not going to belittle, insult, degrade, or otherwise disrespect anyone. Its on my mind, a few very well picked words, describing how I feel about this piece of paper I just cannot seem to take my eyes off of. This is not the time for that. Its time to honor the memory of an amazing man, classmate, Officer, Tactical Operator, and Killeen Police Officer.

Its time to give that one last, slow salute. Its time to look at the family and hope they will be able to function in the days, the weeks months and years to come.

Theyll be fine...KPD will make sure of it. Those children will know who their father was and be told of his legacy for years and years to come. Those children will have, sheesh, what, about 250 surrogate mothers and fathers at their disposal for life! LIFE!

"The sky is the limit, but whoever said I had to listen"? "Job well done, 'go home' for the day (bullet) and I will see you tomorrow when we take over the world"? The publishing memoirs of a Cop Killer by KDHNEWS. I really hope, by some miracle, no one reads the paper this AM. I really hope no one has to read this over a cup of coffee. about this...'Go home' Bobby, to your new home in the Heavens. We love you more than you will never know. Be at peace now. We got it. You were probably, no strike that, you are the most wonderful, true, honest, caring, compassionate person I have met on this Earth. Your legacy will live on, I know a very large group that will make sure that happens.

See ya again tomorrow for a bit, then the next day its your day brother. The day we celebrate a hero, The day we remember the good, bad, and ugly, parts of this job and remember you being right by our side.

Bobby, I never told you this, but you were my hero way before Sunday morning ever happened. The way you lived your life was a model for how a man should act, handle situations, and conduct himself at ALL times. I never saw you falter, no matter what, you ALWAYS took it in stride, no matter what it was.

God Bless you Officer Bobby Hornsby #234. I love you.

Publish that KDH. Thats news.


Awesome!!! You could not had said better to KDH. Sorry for your lost of a friend!!! KPD we are greatful for our officers!!!


Even though I didn't really know Dustin, I have mutual friends with him that are hurting from losing him as well. Keeping family & friends of both men in my prayers....@hexabob, he did have quite a few awards from the military that were listed on another site.


Seeing how he had been enlisted close to 5 years, and was a PFC, I'm guessing he was not a model soldier...


But you really have no idea and are therefore out of line.


I however, do know! He wasn't a good soldier, never was. After 5 years if his rank doesn't give you a clue it's because you never served a day in your life. He was busted multiple times and in the process of getting kicked out. A deployment or two doesn't constitute being a good soldier, not to fellow soldiers, maybe civilians, but not us.


I don't make judgments about people I don't know, nor am I one to make disparaging comments about them, and certainly not about the deceased. I was raised differently than you, obviously. Further, I served over half my life at one point in the Army uniform, and retired from a different Army than today's. In the old Army we didn't stab our brothers in the back-even after death-we had more class than that. Moreover, I chafe at those attempting to lecture me on subjects of this nature-you really haven't earned that privilege. Have a nice day.


Very kind words Maj. General Anthony Lerardi for the KPD officers. As well, I offer my condolences to the family. But what about your soldier who without a doubt suffered from PTSD and Personality Disorder? He is being left ignored, worthless, and not even worth a word of compassion, not even to his family. After all, he did serve his country, he is a son of a mother and father, he is a brother to siblings, and yet, he may even left behind children. While it is clearly understood, every soldier and person is accountable for their ultimate actions, the soldier at the bare minimum deserves a "vague" acknowledge.


WOW! The CG didn't have any words of comfort for his Soldier and the Soldier's family that was killed in this incident? I would like to believe he said something but KDH may not have printed it. A lot of Soldier's have issues and need help but finding out like this is not the way it should happen.

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