For years, the Killeen Police Department has reported crime statistics to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. For the first time in at least 23 years, that system will change.

KPD will join area law enforcement agencies and switch to the Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Systems National Incident Based Reporting System, or NIBRS. The system requires more details from police, such as the specific crime’s location, the type of weapon involved and the race, sex, age and resident status for victims and offenders.

The FBI’s UCR simply reports on numbers of murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson.

The FBI’s full report is published every year in the fall, and an update for six months worth of data is provided in the spring before the final report.

“All law enforcement agencies will be required to switch,” Killeen police spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said. “KPD will comply with the switch over.”

The NIBRS has been in use since 1991, according to the Bureau of Justice Studies website.

The switch comes shortly after KPD announced a partnership with the Department of Justice. The two entities will collaborate to create a crime reduction strategy by examining the city’s crime environment, evaluating response methods and developing proactive approaches to achieve results. The study will include many of the same factors, including the location of crimes, the race, age and sex of victims and offenders and police officers’ response methods.

According to the NIBRS website, the program came from a 1982 Bureau of Justice Systems and FBI sponsored study of the UCR program. Officials studied the program with the objective of revising the program to meet the changing needs of law enforcement moving into the 21st Century.

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