LAMPASAS — A 19-year-old man remains in custody following an investigation into a rash of recent vehicle burglaries in Lampasas.

Lampasas Police Department officials said William Garrett Goudeau of Lampasas allegedly tried to flee from police when Sgt. Investigator Charlie Boswell approached him for questioning July 24.

“Sgt. Investigator Boswell called on the radio for assistance and had the subject running from him on foot in the area of North Avenue and Walnut streets,” Assistant Police Chief Sammy Bailey said. “Another officer responded. Goudeau was apprehended, without further incident, and taken in custody for evading arrest.”

Goudeau was first arrested for theft in February 2012, according to police reports. Since then, police had him under surveillance in connection with reports of vehicle break-ins and vehicle theft that occurred around the time of his arrest, Bailey said.

“On July 26, we served him with two additional charges of burglary of a vehicle warrant and one theft of a motor vehicle,” he said. “We aren’t certain of a permanent address in Lampasas, as it’s possible he was just staying with someone in the city at the time he was arrested.”

Goudeau was initially held at Lampasas County Jail but was later transferred to a Comanche facility. According to Lampasas County Sheriff David Whitis, all the arrests of Goudeau were made by LPD, and the Sheriff’s Department was not involved in the investigation.

“Since our facility has been at maximum capacity since 2004, Goudeau was transferred to one of our contract facilities in Comanche, where he is still in custody,” Whitis said.

Goudeau is currently charged with two counts of burglary of a vehicle, one count of theft $50 to $500 and one count of evading arrest. Each charge carries a $25,000 bond. As of Thursday, Goudeau had not been released from jail.

Police officials said the investigation is still underway and Gordeau could be charged with additional crimes.

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