The Little River-Academy City Council will meet at 5 p.m. Thursday to determine the fate of Police Chief Troy Hess, who was suspended Monday, Mayor Ronnie White said.

Hess was suspended because “he’s not doing his job. He’s not coming in to work and he’s not turning in reports,” White said Friday.

He said Hess reportedly drove his personal vehicle into a ditch near his home.

Hess could not be reached for comment Friday.

“Everything else in the city is going good. We’re getting some streets fixed, and Subway and Dollar General are doing good,” White said.

The rocky history between Hess and the council was documented last July, when Hess posted negative comments about the city government on his personal Facebook page, calling the city officials “crooks.”

Hess admitted to the postings.

The council met in a closed session and gave Hess two weeks to remove the negative comments from his Facebook page.

Hess removed the comments and the council voted 3-2 on July 24 to retain him as police chief.

Fire department aid

In other business, the council voted Thursday to help the Little River-Academy Volunteer Fire Department financially.

An additional $6,000 was added to its budget, with $3,000 to be allocated upfront and the rest to be paid in July and September, Fire Chief David Borders said.

White said the city pays the insurance and utilities for the department.

“We’re hurting,” Borders said. “The county mutual aid money we got year before last was cut $10,000. And our annual barbecue fundraiser, which usually raises $15,000, only brought in $6,000 minus expenses.”

A payment is due for the department’s new brush truck, but the company is working with them because they’ve been good about paying their bills, Borders said.

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