Averweone Holman, a Killeen rap artist known as Lil Hood, was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Friday in connection to a high-profile rape investigation involving rapper Mystikal in Shreveport, Louisiana, in October 2016.

Dan Phillips of the U.S. Marshals office in Waco said Holman and a woman, Jessica Banks, were arrested in Killeen, but he did not specify where or at what time the arrest was made.

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The charges are bogus. This is nothing more than a case of a promiscuous groupie lying to cover her own infidelity. Her actions were premeditated and she intentionally contacted Mrs. Wafford who is affiliated with Lil Hood's management team to arrange VIP admission to the show and insisted on being introduced to the two performers...all the while targeting Mystikal because of his past record. The news media all reported the story as "Mystikal charged with RAPE AGAIN", basically copying and pasting the press release from the police...which is nothing more than a summary of the complaintants LIES. The Shreveport Times printed the most recent version of the story...again, without any investigation. http://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/news/2017/08/23/mystikal-rapper-friend-accused-double-rape/593893001/
Here is my comnent to them...unfortunately, it applies to kdhnews as well:
Question..the "bystander" mentioned in your article that called the police just before 9AM...why is there no mention that the call was made by the accusers "date" ..the man she showed up with that night? The man who the accuser insulted by ditching him for the 2 star performers that evening? You know...the same guy that came to the hotel room later..the one that said "lets go" and the accuser left with. THE SAME GUY THAT SHE DITCHED AGAIN LATER IN ORDER TO COME BACK AGAIN TO THE ROOM?. The one that she wouldnt open the door for when he knocked. The guy who was so upset knowing she was in a room with other men, he called the police and reported a rape in that specific room. Funny...he didnt do anything else to help the "alleged victim"..just stood there waiting for someone else to come and knock on the door (AND initiated the whole "rape allegation"
Yeah..why is there no mention of him? Seems ike a person of interest to me. As do all of the FACTS (like the accuser repeatedly insisting that she and this man have an "open relationship" and that he is fine with her having sex with anyone she chooses)no one is mentioning that prove the obvious. They've arrested 3 people who are not guilty of any crime - because of a lie. this is nothing but a scam by a star struck promiscuous groupie and her disrespected boyfriend taking advantage of Mystikals past record. They knew that by declaring Rape, everyone would look at Mystikals recorrd and assume he was guilty. (*Tenichia Wafford, the third defendant, went public with her video stating she has PROOF that the accuser is lying...the media posted her video on 100's of sites, ridiculing her for her appearance and dialect...and ignoring what she said. She has PROOF. And still, NO news agencies nor police investgators have contacted her to date!!??).
Why do all the news sources avoid researching and reporting ALL OF THE FACTS? There was a time when journalists would help prove the truth for the innocent ...rather than side with unconfirmed, unfounded sensationalism. Where have all the JOURNALISTS gone? These 3 innocent people's lives, their childrens lives, are all at stake because of a lie. And I cant help but wonder..now that YOU have read this...does anyone care?

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