A Killeen man faces a felony charge after police said he dragged his dog behind his SUV earlier this week.

Juan Francisco Ortiz-Nieves, 39, was arraigned Monday on a charge of cruelty to animals. Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke set his bail at $20,000.

On Monday afternoon, police received a report of a blue SUV going down Veterans Memorial Boulevard dragging what appeared to be a golden retriever behind it, according to an arrest affidavit.

Officers located the vehicle parked in front of a home in the 1000 block of Yorktown Street. There was blood on the front of the vehicle, and bloody paw prints going up the driveway.

In the home’s garage, officers said they found the dog, which was suffering from multiple wounds on its legs, some going so deep they exposed bone.

Ortiz-Nieves was pouring water on the animal’s wounds when officers arrived, the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, Ortiz-Nieves told the officers he washed the dog, then tied it to the vehicle to dry off.

Later, he decided to get some food, got in the car and drove off. Ortiz-Nieves said he did not know the dog was still tied to the car.

Killeen police Cmdr. Lee Caufield said the dog had emergency surgery the same day.

On Tuesday, Caufield said the surgery was successful, and the dog was still alive.

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It's crazy to see people would actually think this guy would do this. You act like people don't forget things! We are humans stuff happens! Yes it's sad but this family this man which first off is man of God would NEVER in a million years do this. This family loves this dog! This was a well trained dog! No person trains a dog so well to do this to them! People make mistakes! Yes there are people out there who do this for kicks and giggles but not this guy clearly he realized what happen when he was trying to put water on the dog and clean it up! I feel so bad for this family! And like Janira said this dog was in our shows so was the family! They would never purposely do that


This is a sad and devestated situation for the poor dog and this family. I know this family and dog very well and there is more to the story that has been told by the news. The kids were giving the dog a bath and so that the dog wouldn't run they tied the dog behind the truck and since the dog was laying down he didn't notice the dog was tied to the truck. This family is suffering because of what happened to the dog and their situation. This family LOVES their pet. He was an inside dog. Had all his vaccinations and this dog was involved in the play "Annie" that we did. He was a smart and very well behaved dog. I have two dogs on my own who are inside dogs and sleep on my bed. I'm a dog lover and I wouldn't lie about something so serious, but this incident was just a horrible mistake.


Please take the dog away from this Idiot and adopt it out to a loving family.
I surely hope that he does not have any kids he accidently could be tying to his
bumper ........ terrible, horrible, unacceptable ....


SCUM! He needs to get what he gave!

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