Harry Alvin Parsons


BELTON — A 27-year-old man was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday for the 2013 shooting death of a 48-year-old Killeen woman.

Harry Alvin Parsons, of Newport News, Va., received his sentence after pleading guilty to first-degree murder in a Bell County courtroom Friday in Veronica Denise Avant’s June 8, 2013, death.

The shooting occurred in a Killeen apartment in the 500 block of Esther Circle, a few blocks from Killeen High School. According to an arrest affidavit, a domestic disturbance began when one of Avant’s sons arrived at the apartment with a woman. The son’s ex-girlfriend also was at the apartment.

There was a dispute, but neighbors said the Avant brothers managed to calm the ex-girlfriend and led her to her car.

Twenty minutes later, the ex-girlfriend returned. She was followed by another car containing two women and a man later identified as Parsons.

Parsons got out of the vehicle and began shooting at one of the victim’s sons, who ran into the apartment. Parsons followed the man and forced his way into the home while still firing a handgun, the affidavit stated. Parsons and the man struggled over the gun in the living room and at least two gunshots were fired, a neighbor said.

Parsons fled the scene with the gun, and the family members discovered Avant had been shot in the stomach. Emergency personnel took her to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, where she died while in surgery.

Avant’s son later identified Parsons as the shooter in a photo lineup. Parsons was arrested June 9, 2013, in Round Rock.

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I have to wonder, is there any way that the ex-girlfriend could face any charges as well for this murder. She cannot use for a defense that she didn't know that there would be potential violence. What was the reason she returned to the apartment with 2 women and a man? It can be assumed or even known that, maybe he had something she wanted back or thought she deserved but, that is where the police come in. Her choice to take matters into her own hands and incite conflict should be enough to bring up on at least a small charge. Now, because of the "No he didn't!" Mind set, another man, brother and son is dead, and another person has to live their lives with the guilt that they may have contributed to the death of another person or, possibly, at the same time, trying to convince themselves that the person may have not been dead if they had not crossed them. Senseless violence and wasted lives. Oh, and people gullible enough to kill people before they even know the whole story. Shoot flirt and talk later...when you're in prison.

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