Marvin Louis Guy, 50, of Killeen

BELTON — A Bell County grand jury Wednesday indicted Marvin Louis Guy on a charge of capital murder in the death of Killeen police Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie.

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza said the indictment came after lab tests of evidence were completed and the prosecution was in a position to go before a grand jury with the charge. Guy, 49, of Killeen, is accused of shooting at Killeen Police Department SWAT officers while they were serving a narcotics search warrant at his apartment early May 9.

Four officers were shot. Two were protected by body armor. Odis Denton was struck in the leg. Dinwiddie was hit in the face and died May 11.

Guy was indicted on three counts of attempted capital murder May 21. He pleaded not guilty to those charges June 5.

If convicted of the capital murder charge, Guy would face a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Garza said the death penalty is under consideration and an announcement will be made at a later date on whether the prosecution will move forward in seeking capital punishment.

Guy is in Bell County Jail, now held on a $4.5 million bond. He has a pre-trial hearing today.

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I find this very interesting... I found a Facebook post that led me to investigate this. I haven't found the trail yet but this is so against our constitutional rights. Since when is it illegal to shoot intruders? What they left out of this article was; No Knock Raid, They only found a pipe, & they ran sacked his place for 12 hrs, & in the end stole his gun & safe.
Then the Judge refused him fair council to represent him.
Also....What about the previous No Knock Raid, where a Pregnant Woman was killed? Did the Officer face a Death Penalty?

The DA & the Judge needs to be removed from Office, as it is very clear they can not uphold the law without playing the race card. The Constitution is for "We the People", not color.

As for those that want blood for the Officer that was killed in this illegal act of "No Knock", look to who ordered this raid to begin with, after your done with them....find who justifies No Knock & remove them.
As for the War on Drugs... I'm sorry your state is ignorant & thrive on putting officers in danger w/ their suicide tactics, No Knock Raids. A smart tactic would be to shut the water supply off many hours of the raid & have the city give a fake notice that they would be working on the water lines. Then Drug Task Force could knock & proceed with their raid as usual. If there is drugs there, there is no way of a drug dealer getting rid of the evidence.


Henry Goedrich Magee does the same thing, has drugs found in his home...has murder charges dropped. Black man does it and bigots like nulisecundus call him a thug. But we're post-racial. This is another in a long list of reasons why I'll never set foot in that cesspool known as Texas. As a Marine who attended the James Byrd Jr vigil back in 1998, I saw first hand the bigotry that whites in that God awful state have. The presumption of guilt strikes again.


Thats really tragic, But maybe they need to do some more "no knock" raids before they learn. How many joints did he have?


Horrible journalism here! Is this site owned by the Police in this town? Way to paint a one-sided story while leaving out many details that are very important and could shape people's opinion differently on this matter. Whoever wrote this article and approved it should bs ashamed to call themselves a journalist. Call yourself a propaganda-pusher bc that's what you really are.

To shed some light on this. The officer was killed because they were performing a no-knock raid. The person had every right to protect his home from unannounced intruders. The police didn't even find the drugs they thought they were possessing. It was a total flub. If the police in this town continue to perform these kind of unconstitutional raids this will continue to happen. But the more important issue is the fact that Texas thinks it's ok to put officer's lives on the line in order to stop people from using drugs that they don't approve of. (Let's not even start on how what they approve of is actually worse than many of the schedule 1 "drugs")

So my message to all other agencies that perform these kind of dangerous raids is that you will continue to lose your own kind until you stop. If you are an officer and your supervisor orders you to perform these kinds of raids think twice before you do. Ask yourself "would I let an un-announced intruder into my house without opening fire" I mean police are routinely given a break when shooting a suspect bc "they are In fear for their life" and only have seconds if that to react. This is no different for the shooter here. He had to make a choice in a second and the officers didn't make it known that they were officers right away.

Stop these nonsense no-knock raids or continue to lose officers!!!


one more drug dealing thug off the streets

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