Harker Heights safe shopper

Harker Heights police officer Duarte Fernandes drives a Kawasaki Mule ATV around the Market Heights parking lot on Friday as part of the Safe Shopper program.

The Harker Heights regional command unit RV was parked at Market Heights during the Thanksgiving weekend rush, but most of the calls the officers dealt with did not involve crimes, according to Sgt. Steve Miller, Harker Heights police spokesman.

“Most of the calls were somebody needing assistance,” Miller said. Some were locked out of their cars. Others couldn’t find their vehicles in the crowded parking lots. “It was a lot of simple stuff.”

Only one arrest was made by Harker Heights police. On Saturday, a woman was arrested in connection with a theft outside of Walmart in the 2000 block of Heights Drive. The woman was also wanted on a number of warrants, Miller said.

One of the advantages of having mobile units in the shopping areas, Miller said, is that the dispatcher is in the unit, and can dispatch officers to quickly check out suspicious situations.

“If Bell County receives a call for us, they contact our dispatcher directly,” Miller added.

In Killeen, a number of crimes took place over the Thanksgiving weekend near the location where the Killeen police mobile unit was parked, according to the online crime map.

On Thursday afternoon, a report of misdemeanor shoplifting was made at the Walmart on Lowes Boulevard, according to the map.

Friday saw a number of crimes committed in the areas where the KPD mobile unit was parked. A purse snatching was reported Friday morning in the Cielo Vista Shopping Center, 2500 E. Central Texas Expressway.

The Killeen Mall was the location of a reported assault Friday afternoon, and a misdemeanor shoplifting incident took place at the mall later that day.

On Saturday, a stolen vehicle was recovered in the Killeen Mall parking lot.

Calls to the Killeen Police Department seeking comment about the crimes were not immediately returned.

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