Shamar Lamar Lewis

Jessica Lewis drove up and down the streets near where she lived on Tuesday night, because her son had not come home. When she came across the scene that surrounded a dead body on Bundrant Drive around 8 p.m., she got out of the car to speak with police and make sure the body didn’t belong to her son.

After she spoke with police, she found out the dead body wasn’t her son, Shamar Lewis. Then two days later, Shamar, 17, was arrested by police on an outstanding warrant, and wanted for questioning in regard to the death of that man, who was later identified as Rocky Wayne Marsh, 38.

The outstanding warrant was on a charge of retaliation. Shamar Lewis’ affidavit for arrest said that he threatened to kill someone Feb. 23 because that person talked to police about a robbery that had previously occurred. However, Jessica Lewis said Friday she wasn’t aware of any outstanding warrant for her son’s arrest. According to the affidavit, it was issued on March 8, a day before he was arrested.

She wasn’t informed about what happened until someone from Shamar's school told her, and when she reached out to police, they told her that they were just taking him in for questioning, and that he’d be out within 48 hours. Shamar Lewis was arrested in the 1900 block of Bundrant Drive, according to Killeen police.

Jessica Lewis is upset with how things have been handled. She said Shamar was at a friend’s house the night that Marsh was killed. She dropped him off, and was in contact with him several times throughout the night.

“I was kind of ticked off, y’all can go to the school but you can’t knock on my door?” she said Friday.

Jessica Lewis doesn’t understand why her son was labeled as “armed and dangerous,” as police said in the news release that announced he was wanted.

Killeen police spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said that Shamar Lewis was called “armed and dangerous” because of the nature of the case.

The homicide and robbery is a capital murder case, which warrants that term to be used, she said.

Shamar Lewis was formally charged with murder and a $1,000,000 bond was set, Killeen police said in a news release late Friday.

Two other adults were also charged and a fourth suspect, a juvenile, was taken to the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center.

A previous version of this story stated that Shamar Lewis was arrested by police at school. That was incorrect. The Daily Herald regrets the error.

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I get sick and tired of people accusing the police of being in the wrong in how they do things. People need to take responsibility for their actions. This mother I am sure is concerned for her son, but needs to also be more concerned about her sons actions. She may have been in contact with her son, but that does not mean he was where he should have been. Unless she has GPS on him at all times or is following him, she cannot be 100% positive her child is where he said he was. Let's face it, our children are not going to tell us when they are doing something that is illegal. And though we hope and pray we have taught them well enough right from wrong, they can stray. Love your children, but do not blame others when your child has done wrong, make them accountable.

KISD sucks

I think Mom needs to be more concerned about her criminal sons behavior not how he was contacted by the police...really lady? Once in prison maybe those involved will become victims of a violent crime as well.


If you raise a criminal, he will be treated like a criminal. You don't get to dictate what arrest procedures are.


My goodness; such harsh treatment indeed. Although not quite as harsh as being beaten to death by a gang of savages.
It's not the responsibility of the police to 'call the mother' of someone arrested for murder. I hope his victim receives justice through the courts and these murdering savages are put away so they'll never be able to harm anyone else!

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