Speed trap

A police officer pulls over a vehicle for  on Highway 190 East in Killeen in this June 1, 2016 photo.

At least seven police vehicles were seen pulling other vehicles over or patrolling on U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14 in Killeen on Wednesday morning.

Three Killeen Police Department motorcycles, two state troopers and other police vehicles were seen around 8 a.m. in the westbound lanes of the highway between the Stan Schlueter Loop and Trimmier Road intersections.

Some vehicles were also seen pulled over.

Despite the concentration of police vehicles, officials said it was not part of a planned operation or “traffic detail” by police.

“No traffic detail was scheduled,” KPD Ofelia Miramontez said in an email. “Officers were out doing their job.”

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. David Roberts said the troopers were there as “routine patrol.”

But why were at least seven police vehicles all within a 1-mile stretch of the highway, and all in the westbound lanes apparently pulling over vehicles?

“They just decided to work in that area at the same time,” Roberts said in an email.

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“No traffic detail was scheduled,” KPD Ofelia Miramontez said in an email. “Officers were out doing their job.”

Yeah, ok and I'm a meat popsicle.


It does seem pretty strange that seven police cars decided to patrol the same one mile stretch of the expressway in the same direction. Almost like they were looking for someone.


This was the 4th major "traffic detail" since the red light cameras were voted off the island. It's evident now that the police miss their cash cow. The police spokesperson needs to brush up on their ability to lie. He couldn't get a 5 year old to be convinced that an apple is actually an orange.


They weren't all in the West bound lanes when I passed through town. I saw them with vehicles pulled over on both sides of the highway.
About time some traffic enforcement took place on that highway!
I'd like to see them out there more often!

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