BELTON — A Bell County grand jury declined to issue indictments Wednesday against three law enforcement officers for their use of deadly force in the Sept. 3 shooting death of a Cameron man.

Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers Ernest Del Bosque and Enrique Hernandez, and former Cameron Police Officer Jeffrey Teasdale, now employed by the Milam County Sheriff’s Office, were involved in the shooting of Richard Jeremiah Ramirez.

Ramirez, 27, was killed near the intersection of South 25th Street and West Avenue G in Temple after a police chase that started in Cameron.

Teasdale, Del Bosque and Hernandez used deadly force after Ramirez called police during the pursuit and threatened violence against officers. Ramirez died at the scene.

The Texas Rangers were asked to investigate the circumstances and facts surrounding Ramirez’s death and, when the investigation was completed, the case was presented to the grand jury to review and consider, District Attorney Henry Garza said Wednesday.

The grand jury decided that no indictments should be returned against the three officers for their actions.

A Ramirez family member was upset Wednesday after being told the grand jury’s decision, but declined to make any comments.

The names of the troopers involved in the shooting were released by DPS after the Temple Daily Telegram filed an open records request Wednesday afternoon with the agency’s Austin headquarters.

Ramirez took a 2005 Nissan Altima at gunpoint from his mother-in-law’s house in Cameron on Sept. 3, and officers from Cameron, Texas Parks & Wildlife and the DPS followed him through Milam County to Temple, where the shooting happened outside a tire store.

Ramirez was accused of pointing a shotgun at the officers and was shot, police said. A threat to shoot officers was made during a 911 call Ramirez made before the shooting.

No information was previously released about how many shots were fired or who fired them. The Temple Police Department wasn’t involved in the incident except for covering part of the pursuit area, but did say the gunfire came from the DPS and Cameron Police Department.

Witnesses at Jones Park, about a block away from where the shooting happened, said the gunshots were fired by the DPS and Cameron officers.

Ramirez had a previous arrest history with the Cameron Police Department.

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Robin Hood

If you point a shotgun at police it is game over. Police did the right thing here.

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