A fight broke out at the Killeen Mall on Saturday night, with a reported 30 juveniles and adults fighting in the food court. The mall is at 2100 South W S Young Drive.

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The Killeen Mall was quiet — relatively speaking — Sunday afternoon in the wake of a fight that broke out Saturday night in the mall’s food court.

More than 30 juveniles and young adults were reportedly involved in the fight, but no serious injuries and no property damage had been reported as of Sunday afternoon.

The Killeen Mall operated on normal Sunday hours, which are from noon until 6 p.m., and police and security officers said everything was proceeding like a normal day. According to KPD officers present at the mall, there was one extra police officer on duty at the mall, and the security officers were working a normal shift.

A news release said the fight quickly broke up when police started arriving after the initial call was made.

“Multiple on-duty units responded to the scene to assist and restore order,” Killeen Police Department Cmdr. Alex Gearhart said in the release. “As officers began arriving, the crowd dispersed, but multiple smaller groups continued fighting inside and outside of the mall building.”

The release went on to say that initial reports of the incident claimed shots had been fired inside the mall, but responding officers were unable to find any evidence of gunshots. Because of the reports of shots fired, first responders performed a sweep of the entire mall to search for armed suspects or potential victims. None were found.

According to the report, some of the officers who initially responded to the scene were able to identify some of the instigators of the fight. Some of the individuals were then located and detained by police as they attempted to leave the mall.

When officers searched one of the vehicles that was stopped, police found two handguns, one of which was reported stolen in Austin. Police found no evidence any weapons were used inside the mall, according to the release.

Eight arrests were made in connection with the fight, according to the report. Seven of the people arrested were men, and one woman was arrested. All eight suspects were charged with rioting, while the woman also was charged with unlawful carry of a weapon.

The mall was back to business as usual Sunday, with most people unaware that an incident had occurred.

Employees with VKs/DVA Talent Model Search — which was holding a free talent show on the opposite end of the mall — said some people in the crowd Saturday night commented about an incident happening in the food court, but no one knew it was a fight until they had gone home for the night.

“Today is just a normal day here at the mall,” said an employee with Allied Universal, the company that provides security for the mall. “Whatever happened, happened and now it’s over, and now we are back to normal.”

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Pharon Enochs

The following comments are indeed the opinions of Pharon Enochs Let me think now somewhere I read a city seems to reflects the leadership styles of it's leaders. If I recall most the council blamed the parents for the inappropriate actions of their children. One of the city council members wanted to increase the hours of the curfew. A series of articles are being published in the KDH regarding the causes of juvenile misbehavior. One of the factors is boredom. Hey ! City Council, Why not have a public meeting to include teenagers not a closed door one and see what ideas they might have to try and make a difference in juvenile crimes. Please if you do decide to have a meeting no misbehavior from the council. No threats to harm each other. No outburst of tempers. No lying to our youth set the examples. If you act professional which in my opinion is lacking from most of the council perhaps it will rub off on the folks who attend. Mr. city manager you are about to hire a new chief of police and your advisers are primarily police related individuals and a few folks with community positions. I did note a lack of regular citizens who have a vested interest in our community rather than chiefs of police from other communities. I also think you missed the boat by not having a least one or two students from our local schools. Students who are leaders, perhaps student council members or members of the JROTC may have been a good choice. Last but not least why not a member of the leadership on Fort Hood? But what do I know? Well I know this the city is in a turmoil. The council has lost the trust of a large number of it's citizens. In my opinion you are not helping matters you do things then try to justify why you did them. In any job I have ever had I realized I had to gain the respect of not just my bosses but the entire group of people I would be working with. I also knew on the other hand they had to earn my respect as well . Once this was accomplished the road was rather smooth. While you may not care what I think which is your option I do care about this city. You probably are trying to do a great job but I really do not think you have gotten a clear picture of the what this city is all about in such a short time. Have you been able to just stop and speak with a few folks at one of the businesses and ask for their honest opinions about the city ? Perhaps set up a time for an open door chat with the city manager by concerned citizens minus your staff. In my case you could have your entire staff in the room and I would not mince words. I do think you should get to know the real folks in this community rather than listen to the so called leaders and members of your staff as well. In short I would advise you to skip the kool aid I have been around this area since 1974 and have been well known for expressing my opinions. This is one reason I use my real name on this type media. My profile is on facebook. God bless America, President Trump and John Wayne wherever he may be.


When will this coonery and plantation mentality end?

Amazed at what goes on

Someone forget to lock the cages at the zoo?


The fight in the mall seems to be the norm for Killeen. This town is going downhill fast!

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