Two men face charges of illegal dumping after police found a nearly 4-foot high pile of plastic and electronic material, according to an arrest affidavit.

When officers arrived at the apartment in the 500 block of Brook Drive in Killeen, they saw a pile of items between the street and sidewalk that extended the length of the house, the affidavit stated. The pile was about 3- to 4-feet high and consisted of items such as televisions and radios. Officers saw two men in the backyard, who they identified as James William Noe, 47, and Willie Charles Anderson Jr., 27.

The backyard of the home consisted of trash piles with electronics, furniture, rubber tires, wood, paper, spoiled food, clothing, wiring, bicycles, toys, glass, scrap metal, appliances, three large wooden moving crates full of similar items and a flat trailer packed with washing machines and electronics. Anderson said he lives at the residence and that most of the items in the backyard were his, the affidavit stated. The men strip the items in order to scrap them for money.

The owner of the property lives in the residence with her children and stated the items in the yard belong to Anderson and his friend, “Jimmy,” the affidavit stated.

More than 600 cubic yards of items were removed by the city’s Solid Waste Department from the front of the public right of way. The property is not an approved solid waste site and the items in the front yard were within 300 feet of the right of way.

Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin arraigned Noe and Anderson on Thursday, setting their bail at $20,000 each.

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I hope there is more to this story because I find it hard to believe that these knuckleheads were arrested and facing $20K bonds for turning their backyard into a junkyard, when we have folks charged with assaults, burglaries and other felonies with bonds set at the same amount. Where were the code enforcers when the junk was piling up? As Baylor has noted, it didn't happen in one day!


Finally!! I have passed that "junkyard" every day on my way to work for a few months now and always thought "why in the heck hasn't this place been reported and cleaned up". The backyard was just littered with trash, odds and ends, car parts and mud.. It was gross...


Wow! Killeen Texas, home of fast cars,loose women, and cold beer. Potvin should have made em clean that sh#@$%%t up! These guys didn't do this in one day.

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