At Monday night’s meet-and-greet with the public, Killeen police Chief Charles “Chuck” Kimble said he’s trying to get the police department involved with residents’ everyday lives. He’ll get the chance to talk to another group of residents in December.

Councilwoman Shirley Fleming announced that Kimble will be at a meet-and-greet at The Village Co-op headquarters Dec. 8. The event, which will be at 324 E. Avenue D in downtown Killeen, is open to the public. It will run from 6 to 8 p.m.

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@carl1957 sadly you show your own true racism by the picture your choose. We all here know what you are. A true racist from head to toe. You do not care rather or not a person is hired based on skill, you only care about getting someone hired on based on their color, and rather or not they look like you.

Fact here in Killeen the black n black crime is out of control. The black on white crime since Katrina has sky rocketed.
Fact, since Katrina, the property thief,, murders and violent crimes have tripled.
We do need a racist or racist group running our city, nor do we wish to have someone that is not skilled in a position like this.

Our city is a melting pot, it is not a city that should allow any racist group at all involved with our city. Any group based on skin color should be the first to go.

We have Phyllis Jones in our schools near our students. If any white person belonged to a hate group like Jones does they would not be in our schools.
This so called police chief also belongs to sevral hate groups and should be in no way sitting in a sit of power.

It is time to start removing the hate groups and their leaders from our city.
They have only destroyed and divided our city.


How's that certification process coming along? Maybe you have to fold a dozen open houses to get an advanced certification?
I support REAL POLICE.
I deplore fake or pretend police.


This the personal opinion of this writer.

@Car1957: There is no outreach when you just up, in civilian clothes, for photo opportunities. So as to the effectiveness of 'transparencies', of 'being of good leadership qualities', the general public has not seen any of these actions.

And @Car1957: You are welcome to 'defend this man', but I feel you are beating a dead horse. As to me personally, I believe, 'We in this town have seen way too much of the defenseless character of people who are not qualified to assume their positions in this city's management', and it's getting rather repulsive'. I have no reason to see this man 'as a person', but do not feel he is capable of assuming the role of as 'The Chief of Police' in a town that has the crime rate that this town does. I personally feel 'he is the Chief of Police' in name only, but time will tell which side of the fence he falls on.

@wilyoldvet69: As I understand it, it was not the fact that 'police came busting through the door, but the fact that explosives were used and the fact that they were used in a proximity of 8 to 10 feet away from her'. This, in my opinion, does not warrant the type of activity that proceeds the use of 'excessive force, but as one that has not, nor will ever be, one that is on the other side of the law, I am at a disadvantage as to what constitutes the civility or lack of civility in a case like this. Correct me if you do not feel this appraisal is the correct one to be used in a case of this magnitude.

While it is true, 'the family does indeed condition a child', this in no way constitutes the actions of the police department. I will stand by my assertions that 'this man is in no way solvent to be the head of the city of Killeen, Texas Chief of Police'.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


@ all of you:

Great outreach initiatives chief. Keep up the good work; remain accessible and transparent. This is leadership at its finest. I will defend this man when I see you all trying to disparage him in your echo chamber!


Wow, two photo ops in less then a month apart. Yet he says he cant have the officers meeting with other agencies because that takes them away from their jobs.
Once again this so call pro, has showed his true side, just like in NC, he is outh for photo ops, and the people that follow him think that with him in office makes them kings and queens. Sadly when he and his found out that wasn't how NC was, he and his quickly found a way out.
Pretend land owned and operated by your local racist black supremacy group the NAACP/cop killing BLM.
Sorry Fleming the people in Dist1 bought into your lies and now you cant even shove this load of hog wash. YOU should have stuck to begging for your votes at the KDHNews election forum. Fleming and her all black agenda, has turned our Police Department into pretend land, and I have a feeling many attorneys will be getting people off the hook left and right, and even bank on suing the city.

Pretend land aka Killeen texas


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

I think I have already gave my position on the new chief of police and the new city manager. I do not personally think he is a fit for the problems we are having in this town, and I feel like they are slightly trending down.

The way that the squad is being used as a battering ram fully equipped with explosives and in the face of small children being put in harms way does sit well with me.

Go for the gangs, the hoodlums and clean up this city once and for all. Stop wasting gasoline running all over town. Put the resources where they belong, not in the south 40.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


Actually, by looking at the pictures she posted on FB (Holding weapons while raising the finger and sexually promiscuous poses) that "small child" was being conditioned by that whole family of hoodlums. I'm quite sure she has seen more harm than the police busting through the door.
I agree that the resources need to be in district 1 but I think the district slumlord Sorry Fleming is trying to kiss up to them from ruining her cash cow.

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