Curtis Shelley

Harris Mouton Jr. talks about the shooting death of his friend, 27-year-old Curtis Shelley, Monday, Nov. 27, which took place near Mouton's home on Cedar Drive on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017.

Cedar Drive in north Killeen is normally a quiet street, filled with residents who have lived there for years.

Harris Mouton Jr. grew up on that street, and his mother still lives there. He said that he knows nearly everyone on the street, and if he at first doesn’t recognize a teenager riding his bike down the street, he makes it a point to find out where they came from.

That’s why the shooting death of 27-year-old resident Curtis Shelley is so alarming. Shelley was shot and killed by a neighbor whom he had been arguing with for some time, according to police. The two lived in close proximity to one another, and the shooting happened in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.

“It’s uncalled for,” Mouton said. “I grew up on this street, and we never had problems like that.”

Mouton remembers Shelley from when he was just a baby. He and his mother had gone shopping the day that Shelley was killed. When they pulled back onto the street upon returning from Sam’s Club, they saw a heavy police presence. Soon after, he talked to Shelley’s cousin, who confirmed the worst-case scenario.

The shooter is the relative of a Killeen Police Department employee, KPD officials confirmed. The shooter has not been arrested, and his case is scheduled to be presented to the Bell County District Attorney’s Office. The Rangers are assisting the investigation.

“I know right now, KPD is stressed,” Mouton said. “That’s a lot of death for absolutely no reason.”

Shelley’s death hasn’t made Mouton or his mother more worried about their safety.

But it’s the second murder in their neighborhood in recent years.

In October of 2014, adored Killeen Independent School District bus driver Christine Watkins was found dead in her driveway with a gunshot wound. Police later said 30-year-old Andrew Lenard Hardesty was the shooter. In August, Jo Ann Wilbert, 64, was charged with the murder-for-hire of Watkins.

Pine Drive is about 500 feet from Cedar Drive, and the violence isn’t something residents are used to seeing, Mouton said.

"Here, parents walk their kids around the neighborhood, they’ll do the block or they’ll just walk around the neighborhood,” he said. “There is no fear in this neighborhood, but something like that, it’s going to shake them. Because nine times out of 10, nobody — like us — really knew what was going on.”

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