Prostitution sting

Bell County Maj. T.J. Cruz, left, and Sheriff Eddy Lange on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017, discuss the arrests of 20 men as a result of a prostitution sting.

BELTON — Twenty men were arrested in Salado and Killeen by the Bell County Sheriff’s Department in a two-day prostitution sting.

Thirteen of the men were active-duty soldiers and ranked from private to major, Sheriff Eddy Lange said Tuesday at a news conference.

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As a former and long ago Soldier, I understand how the community would want to clean this up but you have to face some facts here. Killeen being next to a Military Base which has a large transitory population, going after the Johns is like fighting a wildfire with a squirt gun. It makes more sense to go after the Prostitutes and Pimps. There are not that many Prostitutes in Killeen and I think this would be a much cheaper and more effective crime reduction approach. Also, when I say go after the Prostitutes, need to direct them to social programs and the like that get them better paying jobs with less risk so they are not as motivated to return to the street. Cost of a social program like that STILL a lot cheaper than attempting to deter a large transitory military population. I think prostitution is stupid and the men that patronize it equally dumb but I think a Law Enforcement organization would be a lot smarter on how they tackle a crime issue like this.


I think this is entrapment. These men were set up. Legalize prostitution and get it over with. In other countries this is a legit business and the women pay taxes and are under care of a physician. It is safer and less tabu. I do not have a problem with this and maybe it will bring down the number of rapes. I do not understand that they spent all this time and resources on this. Surely there are more pressing issues than men looking for these services.


People will eagerly destroy their lives (your life if you support them) and become a [pirate] in an attempt to satiate THREE urges: SEX ' LIQUOR, and DRUGS. [rolleyes][angry]


Waste of resources. Make it legal and remove one more source of income to the law enforcement industry. The sex workers could get regular health checks and of course the government would tax. Everyone would be happy and healthy - except the bible thumpers here in hypocritical central texas.


Way to go Lange, I hope you take some of the money your getting off these men, and use it towards programs for teenage runaway girls! Oh never mind use it for the police department as we all Know Phyllis Jones and her BLM groupies would only use it for the black girls, because white girls are privillaged, and any way according to Phyllis Jones gangs don't pimp out people nor is pimping people considered human trafficking. I hope she wasn't part of this, because if so, those attorneys can get those men off pretty darn quickly. Seems she can pose as a cop and not go to jail. So be warned peeps, look for a big fat woman that claims to be Naacp/ local dj/ human trafficking officer. Should have put her in jail.

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