Shots fired

Killeen police vehicles blocked part of the 1700 block of Sunset Drive on Saturday afternoon after responding to a call of shots fired.

The 1700 block of Sunset Drive in northeast Killeen was blocked off as an active crime scene at midday Saturday.

A call of shots fired came in to the Killeen Police Department around noon. Three police units responded to the residential area, where a home’s garage door had at least three bullet holes through the metal.

Police officers were seen knocking on the doors of homes near the crime scene and speaking to neighbors.

One neighbor who was interviewed by police stated later he did not wish to comment on the situation, as he neither heard nor saw anything. “I just called the police,” he said.

The residents of the home that sustained damage also did not wish to comment. Permission to photograph the garage door was refused. “I don’t want anyone to know what happened here,” said one of the adult male residents.

Another neighbor, Jordan Fitzpatrick, has lived in her home since 1998. She said it is not unusual to hear shots fired at nighttime about twice a month. “There are a lot of police driving by,” she added.

For shots to be fired in broad daylight, though, is unusual, Fitzpatrick said.

Despite one of her nextdoor neighbors being killed in a random early-morning shooting two years ago, Fitzpatrick said, “I still feel my family is safe.”

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Bang Bang Bang Rat A Tat Tat Shots fired...Yeah, crime is being reduced in KILLeen, as is the population. Bang Bang Bang Rat A Tat Tat Shots fired...

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