Revenue figures from citations written by Killeen’s automated red-light cameras held steady in the previous fiscal year.

The amount of money paid by drivers caught by the five cameras, placed at some of the city’s busiest intersections, rose modestly from fiscal year 2010-11.

In total, the amount of money the city earned rose roughly $1,800 in fiscal year 2011-12 — only a fraction of a percent higher from what the city took in during the prior fiscal year.

The city of Killeen took in $596,471. But drivers paid out much more in total fees.

Killeen takes in about $14 per ticket. The city splits fines with the state and the for-profit international company Redflex Traffic Systems, which has U.S. offices in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Killeen pays Redflex on a tiered system for each intersection: $27 for the first 90 violations, $37 for the next 90 and $47 for each violation over 180. The agreement pays Redflex first and then the city.

All money earned by the city is designated for traffic safety purposes through the Killeen Police Department. In the past, the department has used the money to buy squad cars.

Intersections with photo enforcement can be spotted by the white cameras mounted high in the air. The seven operational cameras were placed at five intersections near the U.S. Highway 190 corridor.

Their locations are Stan Schlueter Loop and Central Texas Expressway; Fort Hood Street and Central Texas Expressway; Trimmier Road and Central Texas Expressway; W.S. Young Drive and Central Texas Expressway; and Lowe’s Boulevard and Trimmier Road.

City officials have credited the program with decreasing the number of accidents on Killeen’s streets. The rate of accidents went up slightly for the first time since the program’s inception in 2008, but the total amount of accidents actually declined.

“It is about the psychology of awareness,” said Commander Lee Caufield with KPD. “They think about red-light cameras across the board.”

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