A woman was charged with murder Friday after allegedly stabbing a Killeen woman 17 times in June.

Marcia Jadonna Burchett, 28, was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke Friday. She was arrested 5 p.m. Wednesday in the 500 block of East Central Texas Expressway, and her bail is set at $1 million.

The arrest follows a Killeen police investigation that began in June after police found Heather Mae Walker, 29, dead in her home.

On the afternoon June 9, Killeen police were dispatched to a Killeen residence in the 2800 block of Phoenix Drive in reference to a person not breathing, according to an arrest affidavit.

Upon arrival, officers found Walker dead in her second floor bedroom with visible stab wounds, according to the affidavit, and noticed Walker’s window was partially open.

Burchett was identified as a suspect. Police then say they obtained her bank records and observed she purchased a plane ticket and traveled to Texas from New York one day prior on June 8.

Police also obtained car rental records and say Burchett rented a black Chevrolet Malibu from a rental facility in Dallas.

Burchett, according to police, rented a motel room in Killeen the night of June 8. Police also said she purchased a ladder at a Killeen store, which she allegedly used to enter Walker’s bedroom with a knife.

Surveillance video reportedly show a vehicle matching the description of the Burchett’s rental car parking around the corner and down the street from Walker’s residence, and a figure exiting the vehicle carrying a ladder during the early morning hours of June 9.

Burchett told police she went to Walker’s house to kill herself in front of Walker, according to the affidavit. Walker apparently attempted to stop Burchett from killing herself when the two began fighting over the knife. Police then say that’s when Burchett stabbed Walker.

An autopsy performed at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas indicated the cause of Walker’s death is 17 stab wounds to the front and back of her body.

Burchett, in an unrelated incident, was also arraigned Tuesday by Cooke following an investigation that began in February, when she allegedly threw her child at her ex-boyfriend twice.

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Heather was her friend. Her ex boyfriend started talking to her when they broke up and I guess she just snapped.
I wanna know who opened the window for her or how did she know it would be unlocked.
Also didn't anyone else in the house hear this going on?


Sooooo…...what was the motive? What was the relationship b/the two women?


It was her friend and her ex boyfriend started talking to her when they broke up and I guess she snapped and then this happened.
I don't understand how people were in the house and no one heard this. Who opened the window for Marcia to even get in, idk this just doesn't make sense.

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