Brandon Mathiews

TEMPLE — Temple Police Cpl. Brandon Mathiews, charged with three sex-related offenses, was released Saturday from the Bell County Jail after he posted $115,000 in bonds, Bell County Chief Deputy Chuck Cox said Wednesday.

Bell County 264th District Court Judge Paul LePak approved three motions from the Bell County District Attorney’s Office to increase the bonds previously set by Bell County Justice of the Peace G.W. Ivey at $10,000 each for a total of $30,000.

A Texas Ranger on Friday handed four exhibits to LePak, after which LePak approved the bond increases.

Mathiews, 38, is charged with indecency with a child by sexual contact, a second-degree felony, and his bond was set at $50,000. He was also charged with possession of child pornography, a third-degree felony, and that bond was set at $40,000. The third charge was invasive visual recording in a bathroom/dressing room, a state jail felony, and the bond was $25,000, Cox said.

An offender posts 10 to 15 percent of the bond total to a bail bondsman. Discount Bail Bond provided the bond for Mathiews, according to the Bell County Pretrial Services office.

Mathiews would have needed to provide at least $11,500 of the total amount to a bond company.

The only extra condition set on Mathiews was he couldn’t have a recording device of any kind — including a cellphone, LePak’s docket sheets said.

Matthews is accused of the three felonies based on Nov. 17 criminal allegations.

According to indictments, Mathiews reportedly had sexual contact on June 16 by touching the genitals of a child younger than 17; recorded a child on Nov. 12 while she was in the bathroom and didn’t have her consent; and had images that showed a child younger than 18 engaging in sexual conduct.

Police Chief Floyd Mitchell reportedly asked Mathiews to resign after the indictments were issued, but Mathiews refused. Mitchell replaced the paid investigative leave Mathiews was on since Nov. 17 with unpaid investigative leave and told him there would be an internal disciplinary investigation, as well as the one for the criminal case.

Before he was placed on unpaid leave, Mathiews accrued $20,651.69 that he doesn’t have to pay back if he is convicted, Temple Police spokeswoman Ellen Morton previously said.

Mathiews was a member of the Criminal Investigations Unit that specializes in crime scene investigation and evidence processing.

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