BELTON — A slew of Killeen police officers and detectives took the stand Thursday in the second day of testimony in the sexual assault trial of a fired police officer.

Kirt Yarbrough, 54, is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl in December 2011 who he met through the department’s Police Explorer Program. Yarbrough could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

He was the supervisor of the program until his suspension and eventual dismissal from Killeen Police Department in January.

The Killeen Police Explorer Program was suspended and relaunched in May with a new supervisor after an administrative review.

Another officer involved in the program testified Thursday that Yarbrough would give the 16-year-old female rides to Explorer meetings.

“I thought it was something he didn’t need to do,” Officer Stephanie Perry told the court.

Perry confronted Yarbrough numerous times about him giving the girl rides, but Yarbrough rebuffed her, stating that the children should not be punished because their parents worked.

She said his response seemed appropriate.

In September 2011, Perry heard from the parent of another child in the program that Yarbrough had an inappropriate relationship with one of the students.

Yarbrough denied any relationship existed.

“He said, ‘I do so much for these kids, and this is what they say about me?’,” Perry told the court.

Testimony from detectives continued to add more evidence that Yarbrough and the girl had a relationship.

Admitted Thursday were extensive chat logs, cellphone pictures and internet chat logs between Yarbrough and the teenager.

Detective Keith Drozd, head of electronic forensics at KPD, testified about files he pulled off Yarbrough’s home computer, the teenager’s laptop and cellphones.

Included were several photos the girl sent Yarbrough, some in suggestive poses. The girl’s phone also had a picture of the two kissing at a Christmas party.

Drozd read through text messages between the two. The girl appeared jealous that Yarbrough had a relationship with a Florence woman.

Yarbrough continually told the girl that he loved her and told the girl they needed to wait so they could be together.

“I’m going to spoil you when we’re together,” stated a text message from Yarbrough to the girl.

Testimony continues today at 9:15 a.m. in the 426th District Court.

Testimony is expected to conclude midmorning, followed by closing arguments. Judge Fancy Jezek is presiding.

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I agree with you Eliza. And just to add on. This officer is reaping the effects of his own bad karma. He along with other ''dirty cops'' on the Killeen Police Department have abused the system and tax paying citizens for far too long. Especially among the youth of the people of color. The whole department needs to be monitored by a higher branch of law enforcement. This ''good ol boy'' crooked system in Bell County will ultimately reap what it has sewn.


@ He said, ‘I do so much for these kids, and this is what they say about me?’,” ---

I believe words to the same effect as the ones above, were uttered by the coach in PA. during his own investigation for molesting young boys.-

The Sgt. needs to realize and I'm certain he does ,no matter how much his victim was willing to accept from him in the form of monetary type gifts. He not them,
was the one breaking a law, when he decided to make use of that person for his own gratification in exchange for the gifts.

He alone, made the choice to become involved with someone who was still under the protection of the law.

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