No injuries have been reported from a Sunday evening shooting in a southwest Killeen neighborhood, according to Killeen police.

Several roads in a Killeen neighborhood were shut down around 8:30 p.m. as police responded to calls of several gun-carrying men in the 1300 block of Cavalry Lane, near Elms Road and West Stan Schlueter Loop.

Residents were evacuated from their homes during the incident, according to police.

Killeen police did not confirm Monday who was involved in the Sunday night shooting, although local TV station KWTX reported one of the gunmen and Killeen police both fired shots.

Minutes later, three men were arrested. | 254-501-7553

Herald staff writer

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Now the understaffed KILLzone PD are arresting in gangs, gangs of THREE. Be on guard, KILLzone denizens, taking 300 of these beasts off your streets is but a drop in ocean of CRIME that envelops ground zero of KILLzone, TX. Fleeing south won't help them, because these beasts are everywhere.


As the premier news source in KILLzone, one would expect KDH to break KILLzone news stories. However, I find other news outlets OUTSIDE of KILLzone breaking crime related news before KDH. Is the KDH complicit in covering the TRUTH for certain city officials who BRAGGED about better law enforcement and aggressive CRIME reduction? Hmmmmm [sad][rolleyes]


More of the Limitless City's finest thugs. Other news media reported that when the police came into the area one of the thugs fired at them and police returned fire. Too bad they missed.

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