Rametria Barnes

Rametria Barnes

A Harker Heights woman accused of trying to kill her two young children will stand trial on an attempted murder charge next month.

Rametria Barnes, 30, is charged with a first-degree felony charge of attempted capital murder after Harker Heights police found her 6-year-old and 1-year-old daughters inside a running car in her garage on Aug. 17, 2012.

According to an arrest affidavit, Harker Heights police received a report of a suicidal individual on the morning of the incident.

Police spoke with Barnes briefly, then met with a friend of Barnes, who showed them a text message and cellphone photo Barnes sent her.

In the message, Barnes stated she was going to kill herself and her children. The photo showed her and her two daughters inside a vehicle.

The officers then went back to Barnes’ home. They saw the garage door was closed, but they could hear a car running.

Barnes came to the front door and let the officers into the house.

They found the two girls in a vehicle left running in the garage and a suicide note left in the kitchen. The note contained handwritten instructions indicating Barnes’ plans for her daughters’ funerals, the affidavit stated.

Barnes’ husband arrived at the home while police were still at the scene. He told police he also had received a text message indicating Barnes intended to commit suicide and kill her children.

Police originally charged Barnes with injury to a child in connection with the incident. The charge was upgraded to attempted capital murder in February 2013.

Barnes’ trial is scheduled to start June 23. If convicted, she could face life in prison.

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It is very upsetting knowing exactly what happened vs what the media and everyone else is saying! What person haven't thought of doing something like this; yet, people really are but it gets blown off because they claim insanity! These wives of military personnels go through so much as far as dealing with adultery, lies, and the fairytale love that then turns into a horror such as this one. Or raising kids alone with no money and no one to call when there spouses are deployed. One question though, did these kids get tested for carbon monoxide after they were found???

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