TEMPLE — The victim in an apparent accidental shooting last week has died.

Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said the family of Jack Tennyson decided to remove him from life support on Saturday after Tennyson was shot in the head three days before.

Police charged a 23-year-old man with aggravated assault in connection with the shooting.

The suspect, Douglas Maximus Heffernan, could now face an upgraded charge of either manslaughter or murder.

The distinction will depend on impending action by Bell County grand jury, which should hear the case in the coming months. Heffernan remains in Bell County Jail with bail set at $500,000.

Tennyson’s death marks the second homicide of the year in Killeen.

Heffernan, Tennyson and a third man were in the living room of Heffernan’s home in the 3500 block of Pebble Drive on Jan. 16 when the shooting occurred. An arrest affidavit stated Heffernan had been cleaning a Taurus revolver when the gun fired and struck Tennyson in the head.

Police confiscated the weapon and noted in the affidavit that with the chamber closed, bullets were clearly visible.

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you ll get caught

the fact that he was an ex soldier and they just seemed to let it go its shameful. they people who serve our country and get killed then they turn away . well i got news for all you people if it wasnt for the army we wouldnt be free ! im proud to be an american and have very much respect for all of our soldiers .

you ll get caught

it was not an accident . you can throw that pistol down with the hammer pulled back a million times how did it shoot him perfrectly in the back of his head . even if it hit the ground you aint getting that bullet at that angle . and he was ahole lot closer . the people in the midea dont know what there talking about . they werent there . you shouldnt beleive whats on the news today any way they make up lies to get paid . if you werent there then you dont know what happened .


Accidents happen all the time with guns,knives and automobiles. Lets not be judge and jury until all the facts come out. Too often public opinion is swayed with biased negative media coverage. Did everyone forget even Dick Chaney accidentally shot a guy. Fortunately this person lived. The consequences are sad in this case as someone lost their life. So long as Americans have the freedom to carry and bear arms and drive cars, there will always be accidents. We pray for all the families involved. God Bless America.


If he was showing him a knife instead The ex-Soldier would be alive today. Never heard of a knife leaping out of one's hand and plunging itself into the unsuspecting victim. (Just Saying)

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