BELTON — Witnesses continued to testify in Bell County District Court on Tuesday during the second day of the trial of a Chicago man accused of killing a 32-year-old Killeen man two years ago.

Prosecutors from the Bell County District Attorney’s office called several witnesses to testify in open court as they built their case against Mario Lamont Lewis.

Lewis, 41, is accused of shooting Lynn Wilford following an argument outside a duplex in the 200 block of East Garrison Avenue in February 2011.

Three of the witnesses called Tuesday were at the duplex when the shooting occurred. One of them was Raymond Davis Garza, an acquaintance of Lewis’ who accompanied him to confront Wilford, who lived with his girlfriend in the adjacent duplex, that night.

Garza said he and Lewis were at the duplex after a night of heavy drinking with two women roommates who lived there when they began hearing loud noises and fighting from the adjacent duplex through the wall.

After hearing from the women that Wilford was physically abusing the woman next door, Garza said he and Lewis went next door.

A verbal confrontation ensued, with Wilford coming out of his home into the yard. Garza said he saw Wilford holding “something brown” behind his back. Garza said he heard the shots that killed Wilford, but he did not see Lewis fire the weapon. Under questioning from prosecutors, he did agree that Lewis was the only other person in the yard where the shooting occurred.

Bell County prosecutors also asked Garza if he had seen Lewis with a weapon that night. According to a report he gave to Killeen police, Garza had seen Lewis “looking at” and “holding” a gun during a party at another location before the shooting, but did not know if it was his.

In addition to the testimony of Garza and the others who were at the duplex that night, prosecutors called Killeen detective Richard Tramp. Tramp said police found three bullets in the building next to the shooting scene, and two more bullets lodged in the ground under a pool of blood where Wilford’s body was found.

Tramp said the bullets found in the ground indicated they were fired at a downward angle.

The second day of the trial ended with testimony from a forensic chemist with the Texas Department of Public Safety, who said that tests on Wilford indicated the presence of gunshot primer residue.

Lewis’ trial will continue today. If found guilty, he could face up to life in prison.

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