Killeen police discovered a dead woman Tuesday morning while investigating an alarm.

Police found the body of an unidentified woman in her mid-50s inside a home in the 2700 block of Taft Street about 7 a.m. while on a routine patrol.

Investigation showed that a fire occurred inside the home, though investigators did not reveal what part the fire played in the woman’s death.

Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said authorities had not identified the woman or determined the nature of her death.

Officers heard an alarm while patrolling in the area of East Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Jefferies Avenue. They found the sound originating from a home on Taft Street.

While investigating, police found an open window and saw a woman lying on the floor in the home’s kitchen. Police entered the home, but the woman was unresponsive.

Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke pronounced the woman dead at 8 a.m.

Fire investigators have not determined the cause of the fire. It left windows completely opaque with smoke damage, and Fire Chief J.D. Gardner said nearly the entire home was covered in soot.

Neighbor Graviel Gonzales described the resident of the home as a quiet woman who kept to herself.

Gonzales said he smelled smoke on Saturday and commented about it while talking with a neighbor. He also heard an alarm from the home around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday while he walked his dog.

Authorities ordered an autopsy to be performed by the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas.

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Mamma Griz

Smelled smoke on Saturday and didn't say anything to the proper authorities? Glad he's not my neighbor-- tho I wonder if they'd do anything.

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