Angela thought the sirens going off Wednesday afternoon at Fort Hood was just a drill. But, when her husband, a military officer working at the 1st Cavalry Division motor pool, called to let her know there was an active shooter, she was scared.

Angela and her two children closed the windows and locked the doors of their home in the Comanche II housing division on post.

“We got worried and scared. I’ve never been in a situation like this. I can honestly it say it’s the scariest thing we’ve ever dealt with,” she said. “I was worried that the shooter could possible get into a home if they want to hide. (The police) don’t expect them to come here. I was worried for the safety of the soldiers and curious as to how many people have been injured.”

Fort Hood officials confirmed the shooting and the post is currently still on lock down.

Living at the military post for about a year, Angela said she assumed it would be safe despite the Nov. 5, 2009, Fort Hood shooting that killed 13 people.

Angela said she’s going to be scared the next time she has to leave her home.

“Every time you see a solider now with a gun on post you’re going to hesitate and wonder why they have that gun and whose going to die next,” she said. “I don’t get how this could happen again.”

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Another Soldier

This article reads more like a satire style article than it does real news. Seriously? A spouse that is afraid to leave her home?


A military base that bans weapons? Who would be more capable of stopping an incident like this than the very people who are trained to go into harms way. Yet the military won't allow soldiers to carry legally possessed and licensed concealed firearms on post.
The state of Texas places so much trust in our Armed Forces the concealed handgun license is offered to them free of charge. Yet they have to walk around without the ability to defend themselves.
That farce of a security check at the gate is nothing but eye wash for the bureaucrats.
Fort Hood has proven, time and again, it is incapable of protecting it's personnel. At least allow them the ability to protect themselves.

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