BELTON — A 25-year-old Killeen woman pleaded guilty Monday to killing a woman while driving under the influence of drugs last year.

Jacqueline Kae Norris pleaded guilty to a charge of intoxicated manslaughter in connection with the death of Susan Cebulski.

A trial over the severity of Norris’ prison sentence began Monday afternoon and continues today in Belton.

After a jury of six men and six women was selected, Norris pleaded guilty to all charges. Testimony from Belton first responders followed.

Retired Belton police Sgt. Kelly Murphy described the scene of the April 15, 2012, accident on eastbound U.S. Highway 190.

Murphy found Norris climbing out of a car that had flipped on its roof. Cebulski was ejected from her car.

Prosecutor Fred Burns said information obtained from Norris’ vehicle showed she had been traveling at 104 mph when her car hit the rear of Cebulski’s. Both cars flipped. Cebulski was thrown from her vehicle and died at the scene.

Norris escaped with scrapes and other abrasions.

Norris cried softly during Burns’ opening arguments.

Following the accident, Norris gave a statement to police telling investigators she had taken methamphetamine and LSD. A blood sample taken from her shortly after the crash tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine, Burns said.

Defense attorney Michael White said Norris’ life story was rife with tragedy.

She has since lost custody of her children, one of whom was born while Norris was in custody for the intoxicated manslaughter charge.

“You are empowered by this court to decide the future of Jacqueline Norris,” White said.

Norris could face between two and 20 years in prison.

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