Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce Central Texas
Gladys I. Monge, left, presents a certificate on behalf of the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce Central Texas to Robert O’Dell, lab manager at Central Texas College’s Department of Nursing, and Janice Anderson, dean of central campus and service areas, during the chamber mixer at CTC on July 19.

Central Texas College’s nursing department opened its doors to about 30 people from the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce Central Texas during the chamber’s monthly mixer event last week.

Mariceli Vargas, coordinator of recruitment communication of Central Texas College, said the event was a great opportunity for the business community to meet and share ideas and opportunities.

"Some of the opportunities that are here (at CTC) can be education that the college offers, but it can also be the opportunity to make a connection that’s going to help them," she said.

The college was recognized during the event for becoming a 2013 member of the chamber.

Robert O’Dell, lab manager of the Department of Nursing, also took advantage of the social event by giving participants a tour of the college’s nursing lab and simulated hospital.

“It’s identical to a hospital that you would go to if you needed medical care,” he said. “But the only thing is, all of our beds have mannequins and some of them are high fidelity manniquins that will do just about everything that a real human can do.”

The mixer served as an outlet for attendees to inform chamber members of upcoming events and updates on their businesses. Vargas said it allowed the college a chance to display all the resources it has available for small business owners.

“One of the things people don’t realize that Central Texas College offers is not just your academic courses and things that are traditional,” she said. “But we also have a lot of vocational programs, continuing education programs that have classes that are short and can be completed within a few months.”

For more information on the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce Central Texas, call (254) 634-7441.

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