Central Texas College Transfer Day

Renee Leonard, a Central Texas College student, speaks with Richard Hernandez, an admissions counselor for Excelsior College, at CTC’s annual Transfer Day on Thursday at the college’s Anderson Campus Center.

Now in his third semester at Central Texas College, student David Tinajero is preparing to take the next step in his education.

The 20-year-old chemistry student was one of hundreds who attended the college’s ninth annual Transfer Day gathering Thursday.

The event provides information for CTC students who plan to transfer to a university and complete a four-year or graduate degree.

While Tinajero said he already had at least one Texas university in mind as his post-CTC school of choice, it didn’t stop him from shopping around and speaking with representatives from more than 40 universities attending the transfer fair.

“I’ve definitely had UT (Austin) in mind, but I’ve been looking at some others,” Tinajero said. “Really, I’m looking for the place that has the best program for my major.”

As a community college, many of the students at CTC will end up transferring to other schools to finish their degrees. A large number of those students end up transferring to nearby Texas A&M University-Central Texas.

According to university officials, roughly 61 percent of A&M-Central Texas students transfer from Central Texas College.

Transfer adviser

Helping students successfully transfer is a year-round job for Lillian Young, a CTC transfer adviser and guidance counselor.

“Students have a lot of questions about transferring, and they need all the right information for the process to go smoothly,” Young said. “That’s why we have these events.”

The key to a successful transfer isn’t just knowing whether or not a student’s credit will transfer to another school, but how those credits will be counted toward their degree program.

“Before you choose a school, you really need to assess your strengths and weaknesses and find the program and the school that’s going to fit you best,” Young said.

Tip: Start early

Young had a simple piece of advice for students looking to transfer: Start early.

“Get in and come see an adviser in you very first semester,” she said. “The soon you can start getting the information you need, and transfer requirements, the better.”

That’s advice that first semester CTC student Jasmine Williams is taking to heart.

“Right now I’m just shopping around,” said Williams, who also attended the transfer day event.

“It’s really something I want to start thinking about now, so I’m prepared when the time comes to transfer.”

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