COPPERAS COVE — The City Council on Tuesday approved the replatting of a 1.5-acre lot for a proposed CVS Pharmacy, though the Black Meg 43 restaurant currently operates on a portion of the property.

“I love CVS, but we would have to relocate,” the hamburger restaurant’s co-owner, Doreen Vasseur, said in trying to draw the council’s attention to the plat of the proposed subdivision. “We would like to stay here, because we love Copperas Cove.”

Vasseur’s news to the council caused the governing body to hesitate in taking action on the item that would compress several smaller properties to make up the 1.5-acre lot.

Also included in the acreage is Reliable Paint and Body, portions of state right-of-way and right-of-way owned by the Santa Fe Railroad. The lot sits on the corner of Avenue D and U.S. Highway 190.

“It was my understanding that when we started this project Black Meg’s property wouldn’t be included,” said Councilman Jim Schmitz during the meeting.

CVS always had the option to purchase the entire property, said Michael Doggett, a civil engineer from Dallas-based Winkelmann & Associates, which represents the pharmacy chain for the project.

It would be easier for CVS to construct its building by leveling the area, Doggett said.

Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation’s executive director, Polo Enriquez, addressed the council’s concerns about losing the Black Meg 43 restaurant, which was started with a single Copperas Cove location in 2010 but opened locations in Killeen and Belton earlier this year based on its success in the city.

“We were made aware of this last week,” said Enriquez, noting the corporation’s job is to retain businesses as well. “We are going to work starting tomorrow to help them find a location.”

When the city faces large commercial developments of this size and nature, other businesses are going to get affected, said Enriquez after the meeting. That is one of the reasons the EDC works on business retention, to make sure those affected businesses can try to continue to operate.

Councilman Gary Kent and Mayor John Hull both said they didn’t want the burger restaurant to leave the city and hoped the corporation and the Chamber of Commerce would help them relocate to a better and bigger location.

Even though CVS is not the owner of all the properties as of yet, the council approved the replatting of the property to take effect when the pharmacy chain purchases the properties.

The Copperas Cove CVS will be the second location for the nationwide chain in the greater Fort Hood area, with the first being located in Temple.

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Didn't Cove just elect some guy to city council that was recently recalled from the council? Can't set a higher bar when the same people get elected to serve.


Kent seems like a an old timer where as a handshake deal is a deal.......If he votes to root out the burger business...........THEN HE IS LIKE THE REST OF EM!!!!


How sad!! I thought the city of Cove took pride in its small businesses?? Isn't tomorrow "support our small businesses in Cove" day?? CVS has plenty of other areas it could build on I. cove without taking out Black Meg's and Reliable Paint and Body, another small business tat has been in the area for 30+ years. Shame on you city council!!

Four Wheeler

If we lose this small hometown business for that big time chain business.. I will not set foot in it.

So much for supporting small business like their signs they are putting up right now.


Black Meg's is the best thing that came to copperas cove tx . To many Chinese, pizza , hamburger places and pharmaceutical . Please keep black Meg's ! They are the real burgers !

UH-1 Air Warrior

Sad to hear.. One of the best places in COVE to go for outstanding comfort food. We have been going nearly every Saturday night since they opened.

Bigger question is who is too profit from the move, surely no one on the council, or family and friends... No one should be surprised by this, The heck with the family small business owner.. All hail the corporation...

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

I sure hope the Black Meg restaurant in Cove has better food than the one in Belton. I have eaten at the one in Belton and it will be my one and only time. The food was not hot and the burger didn't have any seasoning on it...very bland food. The teens working there were more interested in socializing than the customers.
Billy Bob' I come.


I have not been to the Black Meg in Belton but I can tell you that I will not return to the one in Copperas Cove. The place seems to be full of flies all the time...completely disgusting. I was there about a month ago and spent most of my visit trying to swat the flies away from my food. At one point, one did land on my burger and needless to say, that was the end of my meal. These days, restaurants don't seem to keep up with their facilities. I'm surprised more places don't get shut down by the health department.....sooner. Look how long it took for Ryan's in Killeen to finally get shut down. I'm all for small town businesses and will support them. Obviously our economy hasn't been the best for a while now but if one chooses to have a business, they should also consider re-investing in it.

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