The local pro-life community’s 40 Days of Life campaign culminated in a prayer chain lining W.S. Young Drive on Sunday afternoon.

More than 60 people of all ages gathered to hold up pro-life signs on either side of the thoroughfare and remind people of the alternative options to abortion.

As the group prepared to begin the prayer chain, they applauded for Jessica Patterson’s story. She is a young woman whose mother attempted to abort her three times.

Patterson happened upon the group while driving by with her husband, Jared, and was compelled to stop and share her story. She joined the chain, hoisting up a homemade sign that read “Abortion Survivor.”

“No matter how small a child is, everybody and everything deserves a chance of life,” Patterson said.

She believes it is important to promote her pro-life stance, not only because of her experience. “In the womb, they have no voice.”

Event organizer Dennis DeWine was delighted to have Patterson unexpectedly join the group.

“So far, we’ve seen nearly 500 babies saved internationally these past 40 days,” DeWine said. “It’s been the best year so far — there seems to be more awareness.”

He sees the latest legislation putting further restrictions on abortion clinics as a positive step forward.

“It won’t put (clinics) out of business,” he said, “but it will make them safer for women.”

DeWine believes clinics often cut corners to lower costs, at the expense of the women who seek their services.

“We are seeing fewer abortions, the more information the mother has,” DeWine said.

The life chains are done periodically to raise awareness of the pro-life community in Killeen.

For Shannon Kinnon, pro-life events are particularly significant. She has four adopted children, several of whom attended the prayer chain.

“I thank God their birth mothers chose life,” she said. “Women have many options.”

The supporters Sunday were passionate about the 40 Days of Life efforts, with most having spent hours outside the Killeen Women’s Health Center praying for an end to abortion.

“It brings attention to the fact that abortion ends human life,” attendee Mary Pearl said, “and it is very harmful to women.”

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