Whether they’re trying to cram new gifts into already overloaded spaces or revamping an entire room to accommodate a loved one, many people are looking into ways to organize their existing spaces in the new year.

Anne Pierce, of Copperas Cove, has been busy reorganizing her sewing room to convert it back into a bedroom for her elderly mother, Ellie Zietz, 89.

Zietz will be moving into the Pierce home permanently because of health issues.

“We’re just trying to make do with the space we have because our family situation changed,” Pierce said. “Bringing in Mom will be an adjustment, but one that we are willing to make.”

Plastic bins filled with sewing projects, fabrics and notions, and Tupperware containers filled with pantry items now line a wire shelf in the dining room.

Pierce, a freelance seamstress for a local business and avid quilter, said she had to move her sewing machine and materials into the already cramped dining area so her mother would have the privacy she needs.

“I had to move it out because I didn’t want to bother Mom,” she said. “We have to be flexible to take care of her and still take care of everyday life.”

Like Pierce, many others might be in the process of reorganizing their spaces to make room for a loved one or to downsize.

Lita Daniels, owner of Regain Your Space in Belton, said one must be sensitive to the needs of others when organizing or reorganizing.

“When you have so many members in the household, there will be some compromises,” Daniels said. “You have to set up a system that works for everybody. What looks organized to one person may not work for someone else. Some people with ADD or ADHD organize differently.”

Daniels gave three quick tips for those organizing their spaces: If something is taken out, put it away; everyone in the family should have a decluttering session once a week; and break the job into smaller manageable pieces.

She also said to complete the decluttering process before beginning to organize.

“If you go in with the attitude that it has to get done all in one day, you are sabotaging yourself,” she said. “It took time for the clutter to get there; it will take time to organize it.”

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