By Philip Jankowski

Killeen Daily Herald

Tuesday's Killeen City Council briefing gave indications that the next council will be very busy, once elected.

City departments gave several presentations, including reports from the Planning and Zoning Commission and Public Works.

Transportation Director George Lueck gave information to the council showing that bids for five road projects will come before the council between May and October. Those projects will create new roads and upgrade existing roads, mainly in the southern end of town.

City Planner Tony McIlwain also gave the council an update on actions the Planning and Zoning Commission has undertaken recently.

Though residential plats can be approved automatically if no council action has occurred after 30 days, 12 zoning requests remain pending and cannot be approved without action by the council.

The council will not be able to act on any of those issues until sometime after May 12, when the next election is held.

Last November's successful recall effort threw out five of seven council members, making it impossible for the city's elected government to field a quorum, which is required to take action on any items.

Most recently, residential development company RSBP Developer Inc. asked the planning commission to rezone about 42 acres of land near the intersection of South Fort Hood Street and West Stan Schlueter Loop.

All of that land is zoned for agricultural use. The request seeks to change about 36 acres to single-family residential use and the remaining 6 acres for commercial use for an additional phase of Trimmier Estates.

The council also heard updates from Aviation Services showing a downturn in traffic at Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport.

Updates also were heard from the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce and Killeen Economic Development Corporation.

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