Cove safe driving pledge

Mia Castro, a Copperas Cove High School freshman, signs a pledge to be a safe driver during an event Thursday in the school's cafeteria.

COPPERAS COVE — Stephanie Jason was sitting in the backseat of her parents’ red Lexus fiddling on her cellphone when another car rammed into the passenger’s side.

The impact flung the Copperas Cove junior hard into the passenger’s door. She went to the hospital for shoulder pain. The Lexus was totaled.

The other driver, who was in her 20s, was texting when she ran a stop sign at the small intersection and hit Jason and her family.

“I’m a really strong believer of not texting and driving because I got hit by somebody who was,” Jason said. “It’s not a good position to be in.”

Jason and five of her classmates, all members of the school’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, stood outside the high school’s cafeteria Thursday encouraging their peers to sign a banner pledging to drive safer.

Although Kimberly Spangler, 15, hasn’t started driving yet, she signed the banner.

“If you’re texting or talking on the phone, put it away. You don’t need it at that time,” said Spangler, a freshman. “You can kill somebody. You might kill yourself.”

Jason Hall, a FCCLA member, said being in a vehicle is dangerous.

“It’s like a weapon. If you use it the wrong way, you can end somebody’s life or hurt people,” Hall said. “(I hope) to make sure people understand how distracted) driving can seriously injure somebody and maybe save somebody’s life.”

Jason said if she can’t inspire people to stop texting and driving altogether, she hopes they at least think twice before they do.

“I don’t want to see anybody in this school get killed, let alone anybody outside this school get killed by just a simple text message,” Jason said. “Most people our age, they think we’re invincible and we can’t get hurt. It’s good to realize that you can get hurt and something serious can happen, whether it’s texting or drinking or being distracted in any other way (while driving).” | 254-501-7553 | @SarahRafique

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