Texas A&M University-Central Texas and Fort Hood Cultural Resources collaborated to bring the third annual Archaeology Fair on Thursday, at the university’s campus in Killeen.

Leading the event for A&M-Central Texas was Christine Jones, who said the goal of the event was “to educate the public about Central Texas archaeology. All of the artifacts are from Fort Hood land.”

Three archaeologists from Fort Hood were present as well. Rick Robinson and Rich Jones stated that they were there to raise public awareness. Jones said that they do much more than just manage the over 2,000 archaeological sites on Fort Hood.

As part of the cultural resources team, they are also there to ensure that Fort Hood is compliant with the National Historical Preservation Act. One of their main missions is to protect and “reduce the impact of the military training on the most significant of the sites” that they oversee.

Some of these sites can be dated as far back as 15,000 years, with artifacts found from many peoples, including the Apache and Comanche tribes.

Sunny Wood answered questions while giving flint-knapping demonstrations with a variety of tools, such as stones and various-sized antlers, just as the prehistoric tribes would have done. Flint knapping is not just a hobby for Wood, who said he believes that understanding how to make these tools makes him a better archaeologist.

Other activities included a cultural exhibit on the Navajo Indians and spear-throwing using an Aztec tool called an atlatl, one of the world’s first mechanical inventions.

For more information about Central Texas archaeology, contact Fort Hood Cultural Resources at 254-287-2633, or A&M-Central Texas at 254-519-5744.

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