With plans to build a 33rd elementary school underway, members of the Killeen Independent School District’s Board of Trustees are mulling what name to give to the yet-to-be-built facility.

Board members discussed possible names during Tuesday’s regular meeting, but took no formal vote on a moniker for the school, which should be completed in July.

“The superintendent has a list of about 45 possible names,” said Trustee Corbett Lawler. “We have quite a few to choose from.”

State Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, former board member Arthur Trujillo and Killeen Police Officer Robert Hornsby, who was killed in the line of duty in July, are a few of the names on the list.

Like many districts across the state, the Killeen district has named several of its schools after well-known community members. Those campuses include Shoemaker High School, Audie Murphy Middle School and Charles Patterson Middle School.

The newest district school, Haynes Elementary, was named in honor of Allen and Parrie Haynes, owners of what was once the single largest cattle ranching operation in Central Texas.

The Haynes’ left a significant endowment to Killeen ISD that has been used to fund scholarships to graduating seniors.

“When you look at naming a school after someone local, you want to look at what their contribution has been,” said Trustee Minerva Trujillo. “I look at their service to the community.”

Not all the district’s schools are named after local benefactors or prominent citizens.

Lawler said other schools, such as Maxdale and Iduma elementary schools, were taken from the area’s historic past.

“Those schools were named after small rural areas that were eventually absorbed by Killeen,” said Lawler, who lives in what once was Maxdale. “At this point, many of those names have been used.”

Both Lawler and Trujillo said they expect the board to discuss the matter further and take a final vote on the name at its next monthly meeting in November.

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my vote is, bobby hornsby hands down.[smile]

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