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Kailyn Bond, 10, draws a scene from a cave drawing she saw in the archaeology class at Belton Independent School District’s gifted and talented camp. The camp was held for the past two weeks at South Belton Middle School.

Janice Gibbs | FME NEWS Service

BELTON — ReNae Esterby posed a question to students in an archeology class which is part of a camp held the past couple of weeks at South Belton Middle School.

If for some reason the classroom was suddenly covered in tar, what would be the reaction of those who unearthed them 50,000 years from now, Esterby asked. That discussion will take place today.

The class — Stones and Bones — is part of the Belton school district’s annual gifted and talented summer camp. The subjects covered are archaeology, paleontology and archeology.

Other camp classes are involved in theater production, cake decorating and inventions.

On Thursday, the students made molds of fossils and studied a wall painting discovered in caves throughout Europe. The drawings date back 15,000 years.

Part of the day was devoted to the students creating their own wall drawings. Esterby turned down the lights to emulate what drawing in a cave might be like.

Rachel Oaks, 11, drew a stag.

Her table mate, Kailyn Bond, copied a scene from an actual wall drawing she had seen during a computer search earlier in the day.

Snakes, mammoths and a creature that looked like a hummingbird made up some of the students’ efforts.

Madalyn Brumbaugh, 9, painted what she thought might be a bull.

Asked what she enjoyed most about the class, Madalyn’s response was “everything.”

“I’m a really bad painter,” she said. “Right now (the drawing) kind of looks like a sideways devil.”

Last week, Madalyn, along with Rachel and Kailyn, were in the “Lights, Camera, Action” class, where they put on a play.

“I kind of miss ‘Lights Camera, Action,’ but this is a lot of fun,” Madalyn said.

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