BELTON — Sticker shock over the potential cost of replacing and repairing roofs at Sparta Elementary and Leon Heights schools, and disappointment that more bids were not received led the Belton Independent School District board of trustees to defer awarding contracts Monday.

Mel Hollon with Hollon + Cannon Group, a Texas-based roofing consultant, presented an outline for the board and noted the roofs on both schools were originally designed to last 20 years.

Through good maintenance, the roofs have lasted more than 25 years, he said, “but they are well past their life span.”

The low bid to replace most of the roof at Sparta, as well as to replace old heating ventilation and air conditioning units on top of the school, was more than $1.6 million

At the January Belton ISD board meeting, Jon Cannon with Hollon + Cannon estimated it would cost $800,000 for the roof repairs at Sparta, plus an additional $80,000 for HVAC replacement.

Also at the January meeting, roof repairs for Leon Heights were estimated at $220,000. On Monday, the low bid for work was $318,574.

Three bids were received for the roof work at Sparta: $1.668 million by CS Advantage USAA, $1.68 million by Johnson Roofing and $3.48 million by Vincent’s Roofing.

“Any idea why the bids came in significantly higher than the estimates a couple of months ago?” asked school board President Randy Pittenger.

“We were being optimistic,” Hollon said. “We thought we’d get a bigger field of competitors, but we didn’t end up with as many bids as we wanted. But this is in line with what prices are today. ... It’s a fair price.”

The board authorized Belton ISD Superintendent Susan Kincannon to negotiate with companies, but did not take action on the bids. The item was tabled, and will be revisited at an upcoming board meeting.

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