Cedar Valley Elementary School students fill bags they made with care products and toys to donate to Child Protective Services to give to children in need of comfort. The school gave away 100 bags of goods and other donated items during the last week of school.

Cedar Valley Elementary School first- through fifth-graders spearheaded a goods drive that netted 100 bags of toys and personal items for Child Protective Services.

The students in the school’s cluster classes gathered in the cafeteria June 2 where they filled bags with donated toys, toothbrushes, coloring books and hairbrushes.

The bags, which CPS representative Greg Morris picked up, will go to children transitioning to different housing to provide a measure of security.

Each grade level focused on a different item to collect and used various means of advertising throughout the school to gather the donations.

Discussing the project, students said they made fliers and brochures, came up with videos and acted out skits in different classes to get the word out.

Fifth-graders learned to sew and made bags out of donated Cedar Valley T-shirts to hold some of the care bags.

“I enjoyed learning how to sew and knowing we were doing something good for the community,” said fifth-grader Brenden Mitchell following the culmination of the project.

“I know it’s good for the community and it makes me feel warm-hearted,” Brenden said.

“It was fun getting to go around to the other classes,” said fourth-grader Lena Saiz, “and we got to do it for a good cause.”

She said the school set a goal of 100 bags and they exceeded it. The project fit into lessons about advertising.

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