According to a report by the Texas Department of Health Services, the number of parents who chose not to immunize their children for non-medical reasons rose during the last school year.

“The more people that utilize that exemption, the higher the rate of people that are not vaccinated,” said Amanda Robinson-Chadwell, director of the Bell County Public Health District. “That means we have a larger population of people that are accessible to disease and that can spread it.”

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It wasn’t a study. It was a paper. Big difference. You should have read it before writing this article.
It didn’t say vaccines cause Autism. Again, you should have read it before writing an article about it.
He didn’t lose his license for saying vaccines cause Autism.
It’s not bad enough that the writer didn’t research his topic.
Where were the fact checkers?
Do you really wonder why people don’t trust the media?


Dosomeresearch, do a little research yourself. His paper claimed a connection between MMR and autism, but during his whirlwind news tours said there was a definite link between the two. Do you think anybody but doctors read the paper? No, they listened to his lies on TV because it was in language we could understand. He lost his license because of ethics violations, which includes his statements to British media before gracing Texas with his presence, as well as falsifying data used for the paper. Even your favorite anti-vax "news" admits that much. Where were your fact checkers?

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