Central Texas College is looking toward the future. All the way to 2019, to be exact.

The college is in the process of developing a five-year strategic plan, which it will use as it continues to grow in Texas and around the world.

“(The plan) gives us a chance to re-examine ourselves and set goals,” Chancellor Thomas Klincar said. “It helps guide our long-term planning, as well as our day-to-day decisions.”

As the college rapidly approaches it’s 50-year anniversary, the plan will lay out broad goals and objectives, as well as potential opportunities and challenges that may occur over the next five years. The plans impacts decisions made in nearly every area of the college’s operations, from course offerings and tuition rates, to technology and facilities.

In mid July, the college’s board of trustees voted to approve a set of “strategic priorities,” which will be used by staff to develop strategic goals and objectives for the five-year plan.

The priorities are purposefully broad. They include enhancing students success and achievement, expanding programs and services, increasing CTC’s worldwide community presence, improving operations and services and expanding and modernizing infrastructure and facilities.

“It’s a road map that helps guide our thinking,” said Amy Bawcom, the college’s director of institutional effectiveness. “It’s helps us focus on our goals and guides how we use public resources.”

The priorities were developed with input from multiple stakeholders in CTC’s U.S. and international locations. Bawcom said the college sought feedback from staff and students. She said two of the major themes that emerged were a desire for more communication between CTC faculty, staff and students, and continued efforts to leverage technology to meet the needs of students.

A strategic plan that covered the past five years was credited with helping the college grow enrollment, keep tuition and tax rates low and construct two new facilities, including the nursing building.

“The last strategic plan was very successful,” Klincar said. “This new strategic plan will position us to remain successful.”

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