COPPERAS COVE — Educators working for Copperas Cove Independent School District will experience a pay increase of about $1,500 next year, while starting teachers will earn $500 more than the current pay scale.

Cove ISD’s board of trustees approved a number of actions Tuesday to increase wages for those working for the school district.

Among them was about a 3 percent raise for all faculty and staff.

“I think we owe it to our staff if we could afford it,” said district Superintendent Joseph Burns.

The district received more funds from the state this year than was expected, which provided the district with money for raises, he said.

Board President Joan Manning said the board was excited to provide the raises to those working for the district, because they are not sure the raises will come in following years.

There are so many future unknowns, such as possible cuts to Impact Aid, which are federal dollars that provide about 20 percent of the district’s budget, the district doesn’t know when raises will occur again, Manning said.

“Our teachers really deserve it,” she said. “We wanted to give them raises as we could, and with the understanding that we may not be able to do it (the following) year.”

The raises will cost the district about $1.4 million and estimates are next year’s fiscal budget for salaries will be $47.6 million, up from $46.2 million this year.

Along with the raises, the board increased a starting teacher’s salary to $42,500. The $500 increase is expected to cost the district roughly an additional $20,000.

The board also approved changes to stipends for teachers and staff and revised the pay grades for five staff positions, changing their base salary.

The two other measures are anticipated to cost about $24,500.

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Pay raises for allowing students with failing grades to pass to the next level. Students at Clements Parson are allowed to pass even if they are failing just because the teachers don't want to deal with kids who are struggling. Didn't even have to attend summer school or anything just letting them pass because he has dsylexia. Another has failed the Staar test 2 times and yet they think him going to summer school for a little over 2 weeks is going to help him. Again in Cove High school you have a student who has failing grades every progress report and report card yet she is only taking one session of summer school. If we don't require kids to work harder how can we expect them to be a success later in life.

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