KISD Superintendent John Craft

John Craft will remain as superintendent of the Killeen Independent School District until 2021.

In a closed executive session Tuesday evening, the KISD Board of Trustees discussed Craft’s annual job appraisal, contract renewal/extension and compensation.

Board Member Carlyle Walton said Craft understands legislative and operational challenges KISD faces.

“He is resourceful in creating options for students in the district,” Walton said. “From my perspective, it was a very positive evaluation."

The bulk of Craft’s review centered around the bond issues to appear on the May 5 ballot. The school board voted Tuesday to ask taxpayers for $426 million in school construction and renovations.

Board Member JoAnn Purser said the superintendent was excellent in presenting a massive proposal in a concise way.

“The superintendent did a very good job with what we’re trying to accomplish,” Purser said.

Returning to open session after 9 p.m, the board voted unanimously 7-0 to extend Craft’s contract one year, through June 30, 2021.

The vote included no raise in his current compensation of $254,918 per year as reported to the Texas Education Agency.

Purser said a raise for Craft was not part of the discussion Tuesday night.

Purser said once the board begins to work on the new budget in the coming months, who does or does not get raises will then be known.

“We always want to review wages when we do the entire budget,” Purser said, “and whether we’re charged with still keeping smaller campuses. If nobody gets a raise, then nobody gets a raise. I think that sounds fair.”

Additional details regarding Craft’s evaluation are confidential, per district policy. The district did not provide a copy of Craft’s evaluation to the Herald.

In 2012, Craft was hired as deputy superintendent of KISD, and was made superintendent in 2015 when former superintendent Robert Muller left the district.

Craft has a 2010 doctorate in education administration from Tarleton State University.

He has worked in the education field since 1999, where he started out as a physical education teacher and was later a high school biology teacher.

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If KI$D were to abolish ALL extracurricular activities (including sports), there would be no need to BEG 4 a BOND, local school taxes could be reduced, and KI$D could rehabilitate dilapidated schools. It won't matter because the KI$D BOND $CAM will be soundly defeated this spring. I wonder what miracle white rabbit the KI$D wizard will pull out of his pointed hat upon suffering the LO$$ of the KI$D bond SCAM?


I am risk averse. I would never DOUBLE down on stupidity. Sadly, I see others do it everyday!

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